The photograph that you provide during registration will be added to your student record and used for producing your student card.  Remember when you are submitting your photograph that this is a form of ID, and you can be asked to show this at anytime on campus. We recommend that you send us a passport style photograph - but remember to smile! 

We review all photographs that are submitted - if you submit a photograph that does not meet our guidelines, we will reject your photograph and send an email to your personal email address asking you to resubmit.

Please note that due to the current coronavirus pandemic and staff working remotely, we are unable to issue student cards at this time.  

What kind of photograph should I submit?
  • Front facing portrait style
  • Full colour
  • Only you in the photograph
  • Free of headwear, unless normally worn for religious reasons
  • No excessive filters (snapchat/Instagram) - you will be asked to resubmit
  • No sunglasses, headphones or hats
  • Plain light coloured background (dark backgrounds affect photo quality on your card)
  • JPG file format
How do I submit my photo?
  • You can submit during the online registration process
  • Email a JPG photograph to (allow seven days before collecting card)
  • Or you can go to the Campus Life desk on level 1 of the George Moore building and have your photograph taken.
  • During the main registration period photographs are taken by the Registration Helpdesk in the CEE building. 

If you email your photograph, ensure you include your student ID so that we can upload your photograph to your record. 

Not acceptable

Too dark
300 x 300

Face Partially Cropped
300 x 301

Not Full Colour
300 x 300

Blurry, not Face On
300 x 301

Which One are You?
300 x 183


Perfect, send it in!

300 x 300