All students at GCU are issued with a Student ID Card.  This card has various uses, including:

  • Identifying yourself as a student at GCU
  • Your Library Card
  • Recording your attendance at classes
  • Recording your engagement at some services
  • Entrance to certain secure areas of the campus


How do I get my Student ID card?

You must register online and upload a suitable photograph before we can issue your student card.  If you are joining GCU in Trimester A, we will post your student card to the term time address that you provide during online registration.  We will start sending cards out in September.

We aim to issue cards within two weeks of your registration however due to the changes in our card issue process this may take longer.  If you have completed your registration in advance and have not received your card by your course start date email including your student ID so that we can look into this for you.

Lost Student ID Cards

If you have lost your student ID card, contact to order a replacement.

The fee for a replacement card is £15 which you can pay online through the University’s online store. You’ll need your student ID number or your username to place your order, and you must select to have it posted out to your registered term time address.

If you find your original card after we have issued a new one, you will not be able to use it in the university and you will not receive a refund.

Stolen Student ID Cards

If your card has been stolen, you need to send the crime reference number to We will issue a new card free of charge.

You will still have to pay the lost card fee if you only have a pink loss report slip from the police.