Online learning tools

The main online learning tool used to support your learning is the GCULearn Virtual Learning Environment, which comes with a wide range of learning tools and you can find out about these in the ‘GCU Learn’ section of the GCU Go resources. In addition to GCU Learn, the University also provides a variety of online tools to aid your learning. This area in GCU GO aims to make you aware of the online tools and resources that are available to you and to help you gain expertise in using them.

Below you can download student guides to the most popular online learning tools

Get prepared

Resources within the ‘get prepared’ section should help you to get started with online and blended learning.

The university uses remote conferencing software to create an online learning environment. Collaborate Ultra is currently the most widely used remote conferencing software for lectures and seminars and is embedded in the GCU Learn menu. You can see a brief clip of how to use Collaborate Ultra below:

An introduction to using Collaborate Ultra

Get engaged and get going

Resources under the ‘get engaged and get going’ heading should help you to engage with and make the most of online and blended learning as you progress through your learning experience. 

You will be asked to use a range of online learning tools throughout your programme. Use these guides when you are asked to engage with these tools, at the relevant point in your learning