Assessment and Integrity

Online assessment and integrity

Assessment is a key part of your learning and teaching experience.

You may be involved in taking online assessments including formal, end of trimester exams. Taking assessments remotely, away from the invigilated environment of a formal, physical exam venue, brings its own challenges, including the temptation to lower one’s integrity.

In your written assessments, you will be expected to draw on a range of published sources, but it is important that the work you submit is your own original work and not over-reliant on sources written by other people.

This area in GCU Go aims to raise awareness of the available resources to help you be successful in your online assessments, while maintaining your integrity. It also helps you to understand academic citing and referencing conventions to ensure that you do not unintentionally plagiarise published sources.

Get prepared

Resources within the ‘get prepared’ section should help you to get started with online and blended learning.

Get engaged and get going

Resources under the ‘get engaged and get going’ heading should help you to engage with and make the most of online and blended learning as you progress through your learning experience. 

Engaging with your assessments 

When you submit an assessment through GCU Learn, Turnitin compares it to text in its enormous database of academic text from student work, books, journal articles, websites. To find out more about Turnitin, take a look at the GCU Learn section of GCU Go resources

In addition to essays and reports, you may be assessed through wikis and blogs. To find out more about these tools, take a look at the GCU Learn section of GCU Go resources.