Useful Documents to Keep Safe

NAS_ResizedLogoDegree Certificates

You will gain your Degree Certificate during your graduation or through the mail if you are graduating in absentia. Your degree certificate should be kept in a safe place as most employers may need a copy of this as evidence of your qualifications. Most people choose to frame their certificate and this is a great option to keep your certificate safe and you will know where it is. It is a good idea to photocopy your certificate and make a scanned copy to store in your computer before you put it in a frame. This way it will be easily accessible to you when applying for jobs or future study.

Q. What happens if I’ve lost or damaged my Degree Certificate?

A. Requesting a duplicate degree certificate can be done by completing a Replacement Certificate Application Form which will cost £60.

Academic Transcript

Once your final exam results have been emailed to you, you will also receive a document called an Academic Transcript. This document lists all the modules you have studied and the grades you have received throughout your degree. This is particularly important if you choose to go on to further study. Admissions will often ask for a copy of your degree certificate and your academic transcript as evidence of your qualifications. For students joining chartered memberships upon graduation; for instance, the British Psychological Society (BPS), you may be required to show a copy of your academic transcript, as well as your degree certificate to be awarded membership. 

Q. What else is included on the Academic Transcript?

A. The Academic Transcript will include a variety of information on your programme of study, such as your individual module grades and your overall degree classification.

Q. What can I do if I’ve lost my transcript?

A. If you have lost your transcript, you need to contact the Examinations Office which is on the 1st floor of the Sir Alex Ferguson Library to request another one.

You can contact the Examinations Office at:


Telephone: +44 (0)141 331 3336

Useful contact information to store and Requesting an Academic Reference

Sometimes students can lose access to their GCU email account therefore it is useful to keep a note of your dissertation supervisor’s email address, as you may wish for them to provide you with a reference for future work or study. It is common for students to ask their lecturers for an academic reference. You will need to email them in advance and ask for their permission first before putting their name and contact details down in an application form.