Moving out of your accommodation

NAS_ResizedLogoIf you have been living in the halls of residency or elsewhere during term-time, you will need to be aware of when your tenancy runs out, and what date you need to move out by. Moving out can be stressful and you should give yourself plenty of time to make sure you have packed everything you need, organised for someone to come and pick you up and finally, made sure you have enough time to clean as you may lose your deposit if you leave things unclean or broken.  

Moving out To-do list:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to organise the items you want to take with you and items you want to throw away.
  2. Remember to redirect your mail to your new address.
  3. Organise someone to come and collect you and your things in advance.
  4. Remember to hand your keys back.

If you are unsure about anything regarding moving out, you can contact the Accommodations Office who will be happy to assist you on: Tel: 0141 331 3980 or Email them on: If you are renting privately, you should check your tenancy agreement or contact your landlord directly for advice.