Disability mentors

NAS_ResizedLogoThe Disability Team offers to match a mentor to all new students at GCU, who have disclosed a diagnosis of autism /asperger syndrome.

All of our mentors are trained in autism, and in effective strategies for supporting students with autism/asperger syndrome. 

What do Disability mentors help with?

Mentors deliver an individually tailored blend of support with both study skills and social skills e.g.

  • effective strategies for time management
  • organisation
  • overcoming procrastination
  • orientation and settling in to university life
  • accessing extra-curricular opportunities
  • self-advocacy
  • building confidence and independence

Students usually meet with their mentor once or twice a week.

Whilst some students may require the support of a mentor only in the early stages of their course, most find it helpful to continue to meet a mentor throughout their degree.

What other students have said about having a mentor:

“I can do the academic work without any problem. It’s all the other stuff that you have to deal with at university that I don’t deal with so well. And that’s what my mentor helps me with.”

“Having a mentor really helped my confidence... Just someone to talk to on a regular basis... My mentor helped me organise and plan for the week ahead, and I can’t imagine how I would have got through Uni without that help.”