Student surveys

Your voice matters

Your survey feedback helps us shape and improve the current and future experiences of students at the university. We recognise the importance and value of your voice and are committed to providing different ways to give meaningful feedback. The simplest of these is via student surveys.

Easy to complete online and completely anonymous, taking part in a survey is one of the best ways to help identify and realise the improvements that will deliver a better student experience for all.

Your privacy comes first

We take your information privacy very seriously. All responses to student surveys are strictly confidential and are anonymised for reporting purposes. Reports will be in aggregate format and no individual will be identifiable. All surveys strictly follow the University's Data Protection guidelines.Ipsos MORI, the external company that runs the NSS, also adheres to their own Privacy & Data Protection policy.

Student Survey and Module Evaluation Policy

The Student Survey & Module Evaluation Policy‌ sets out the guiding principles for centrally administered student surveys at GCU. The policy includes survey administration and dissemination; data collection, storage and processing; survey promotion; reporting of findings; and response to findings.

Got a question?

Contact for surveys or data privacy answers.