Technology for sensory impairments

GCU provides students with access to a range of assistive software packages and equipment which can help with learning, reading, writing and note taking. Assistive technology includes both hardware and software that can help people with disabilities, but many types of assistive technology are helpful for people without disabilities too.

Assistive Technology for students 

  • TextHelp Read and Write Gold - This operates as a toolbar that can assist students of all levels with their reading, writing and research skills. The software allows students to develop their literacy skills and enjoy greater independence. Useful features include text to speech, and enhanced spell check tools.
  • Mind Genius - This is mind mapping software that can help with planning your study or organising your workload.
  • Study Apps – There is a great deal of variety in the available Apps you can use to help with your study. To get you started, we have gathered a list of some of the most popular/used Apps

Mind Genius and Read and Write Gold are available on all University computers on campus, and you can install both at home. To do so, just go to the “At Home Software” section of the website for more instructions.

If you have any questions about assistive software, please ask out Assistive Technology Advisor, Thomas Welsh.