If you are interested in going further afield, GCU has partners in many exciting locations. Regardless of where you choose, classes are available in English at our partners in non-English speaking countries.

Why choose a worldwide exchange?

This can be a great opportunity for an adventure in an exotic location you might not have considered before but with the comfort of knowing you will have support from both our and the exchange partner’s Exchange Office. We have opportunities across the world and encourage you to research all our worldwide partners to determine the best option for you.


When researching exchange options we recommend that you do your research thoroughly so you can assess the cost of an exchange at those institutions. Think about the price of flights at that time of year, visas costs, and general living expenses in that country. Please also be aware that most universities in North America require students to take out a mandatory meal plan. There are travel scholarships available from GCU to help with the costs of a worldwide exchange.  

Choosing a Destination

You can opt to go to any of our worldwide partners as long as your course is taught there (unless stated otherwise on our GCU learn page). To see which options are available and to view potential restrictions, please visit our GCU Learn Organisation, ‘Exchange & Study Abroad’. Please note that the list of available destinations is updated before each application round. Think about what is important to you in addition to academics and thoroughly research our partners before selecting your top 3 destinations.