Eduroam Information

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Glasgow Caledonian University is a member of the eduroam (education roaming) service. 
We provide the eduroam wireless network for our own users and academic visitors to the University. The eduroam network allows GCU staff and students to use wireless services in participating institutions within the UK and Worldwide allowing them to connect using their GCU usernames and passwords.
Similarly, visitors from participating institutions can make use of secure wireless when visiting GCU.
To use this service it is a requirement that you agree to the terms outlined in the Information Systems Policy and the Janet Acceptable Use Policy. Both documents can be found here.


Eduroam should only be used by the student or staff member logging in. Do not share you details with others and do not connect to others devices using your credentials.

This practice is against Glasgow Caledonian University policy and doing so will result in your account being locked out if \ when your password changes.

Setting up eduroam

Step-by-step guides for the most used devices can be found on the Setting up eduroam page.

Visiting other eduroam sites

Please ensure you have properly configured your devices to connect to eduroam before travelling. Once setup you should have access to at least web browsing. This will allow you to access web based services such as your email, GCU Learn, the Library facilities and Athens authenticated databases.

Within your phones applications store, there is an app by the name of eduroam Companion. When installed this will show all available eduroam hotspots in your area that you can connect to.

Connection issues

If you have previously used eduroam with an old password, or from another establishment you may need to first remove the previous settings. Information can be found on the Removing eduroam page.


If you have any problems please contact the IT Helpdesk via My Service.
Glasgow Caledonian University users roaming to other institutions should contact Glasgow Caledonian University IT Services at for support.
Visitors should contact their home institution for support if they experience any eduroam connection issue in GCU campus.
Additional information on Global Eduroam can be found at Janet and GEANT eduroam pages.
A full list of participating U.K. institutions can be found at Janet UK Listings.