Accessibility in the online environment

GCU is committed to supporting you to engage with an accessible, inclusive online learning environment. However, the responsibility for making materials accessible does not lie solely with staff – you have a part to play as well! As an online learner engaging with others and producing digital content, you need to know how your contributions support digital accessibility. In this section of GCU Go, you will find resources that can inform your understanding and practical engagement with accessible learning.

Get prepared

Resources within the ‘get prepared’ section should help you to get started with online and blended learning.

Get engaged and get going

Resources under the ‘get engaged and get going’ heading should help you to engage with and make the most of online and blended learning as you progress through your learning experience.

If you have a disability and you declared it when you applied to join the university, the Disability service will assess your needs and will put the required adjustments in place to support you with your studies.

If you have a disability and did not declare it, perhaps assuming that what was put in place for you in school or college would automatically be put in place at university, then you should contact the Disability service, as soon as possible, to arrange a needs assessment.

If you have a disability and decided that you don’t need additional support at university, then please reconsider and contact the Disability service anyway. It is wiser to have support in place, just in case you do need it.