Primary Engineer

Science and Engineering students at GCU help support activities in primary schools to encourage young people to consider careers in STEM.

Opportunity to develop the following Common Good Attributes
Active and global citizenship
Responsible leadership
What’s involved?
Primary Engineer is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to encourage young people to consider careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related professions. Primary Engineer offers primary schools a way to deliver practical Mathematics and Science to Design Technology activities. Class projects are aimed at each year group, mapped to the curriculum and designed to inspire and enthuse pupils and staff. All projects are linked to practicing engineers to provide a real-world context. Science and Engineering students at GCU can pair with Primary Engineer to help support these activities in local primary schools.
How will participating in this activity/opportunity allow students to make a positive difference to the communities that we serve?
This project builds on our experience of numerous schools projects such as Gaming for Glasgow and the STEM Ambassador scheme, and builds on existing staff relationships with Primary Engineer. Primary Engineer believes that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are key subjects in securing positive opportunities and career paths for future generations. This begins in primary school and, by practically applying Mathematics and Science to design-and-make activities, both children and teachers can be inspired. This work is supported by industry, education and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
What are the benefits of taking part in this activity/opportunity for participating students?
Participating students have the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, gain practical experience, work alongside professional engineers and make a positive and tangible difference within local schools.
Which School or department delivers/ supports this activity?
School of Engineering and Built Environment
Which students can participate in this activity?
All students in the School of Engineering and Built Environment. Details will be circulated within the School as project opportunities arise.
Name: Morag Ferguson / Joanna Marshall
Role: SEBE Common Good Champions
Department/School: School of Engineering and Built Environment
Telephone: 0141 331 3824