Common Good Society

Under the umbrella of the GCU Students Association the Common Good Society is a student led group, open to all levels of study and discipline.

Opportunity to develop the following Common Good Attributes
Active and global citizenship
Entrepreneurial mind-set
Responsible leadership
What’s involved?
Its membership forms a community of likeminded people who come together to network, socialise and inspire one another around topics recognised by the University as Common Good activity. These include volunteering, mentoring, fundraising and social innovation endeavours. Members do not require to be participating in the Universities Common Good Award to join. However, the activities of the society can help students work towards achieving the four certificates and the final award based on the Common Good Attributes: Active and Global Citizenship, Confidence, Entrepreneurial Mind-Set and Responsible Leadership. The society interacts with its members through social media, informal events and email to keep them up to date with Common Good opportunities on and off campus. Students can then choose when and how they wish to engage.
How will participating in this activity/opportunity allow students to make a positive difference to the communities that we serve?
Centred around making a positive difference to the GCU community and beyond through common good activity, members will be able to: - Develop an understanding of the Common Good vision and attributes and be able to share this knowledge with other students, staff and interested parties to inspire and encourage participation - Have access to a support network which can signpost and guide them towards common good activity - Participate in volunteer and fundraising activity with other society members - Raise awareness within the membership for projects, campaigns and social issues that are close to their heart
What are the benefits of taking part in this activity/opportunity for participating students?
As an extra-curricular group with a social focus, students joining the society will have the opportunity to meet new people interested in social issues and keen to be proactive in the community. By participating in common good activity, they will develop their knowledge and gain experience in new situations, interact with a diverse range of individuals out with their existing core modules and placements and learn new skills along the way. Students are encouraged to share their personal experiences of the work they do, to inspire others to try something new or provide knowledge of what is happening right now in the local, national and global community.
Which School or department delivers/ supports this activity?
Students Association
Which students can participate in this activity?
All students
Name: Common Good Society
Other: Facebook: Common Good Society - GCU