Confirmation of student status

Confirmation of student status letters can be used for opening a bank account, applying for a job, renting a flat and applying for a travel visa.  They can also be submitted with your exemption form when applying for your council tax exemption.

You can order student status letters through the My Service portal. Any student fully registered on a full time or part time course can use the service.  If you are a new student, you need to wait until after the start date of your course before you order. 

Your student status letter will be produced in PDF format on GCU headed paper and will have a digital signature.

How to order a status letter

To order a status letter follow the instructions below or view our instructional video here.  If you are a new student, you will need to collect your student card before you will be eligible. Any student fully registered on a full time or part time course at Glasgow or London campuses can use the service.

  • Go to the My Service portal.  Login using your domain username and password
  • Under My Service menu, click on requests, then browse request catalogue
  • Browse to find Student Status Confirmation Letter category (or type ‘letter’ in the search box) and click order
  • If you need a general letter/letter for council tax, select standard letter from the drop down
  • If you need a letter for a bank, or you want it addressed to someone specific, click on bank letter/student status confirmation letter addressed to someone specific. The page will change to allow you to enter the name and address of the bank.  Click on submit and the letter will be emailed to your university email account
  • You should get an email with the letter attached as a pdf file within 5 minutes
  • If you are not eligible for a letter, you’ll get an email. 

Please note that a student status letter is not proof of your address and this is highlighted on the letter itself.

Students not eligible/requiring specific text

If you come under the categories below, you can request a student status letter from the Campus Life desk (1st floor George Moore building).   You will need to take your student ID card with you to collect the letter. At peak times it may take 3 or more working days to prepare your letter and waiting times will be advised when you submit your request.

You can also request a letter by emailing us with your name, student ID, who you require the letter for and any additional text to be added.  A copy will be emailed to you within ten working days, though this can be longer during peak times.   

  • previous students
  • students taking a period of suspension (the date you commenced suspension will be shown)
  • students withdrawn from their course (the date that you withdrew will be shown)
  • students requiring specific text