Preparing for graduation

Sadly, GCU has had to postpone this winter’s graduation ceremonies and planned graduation ball, to a later date. We appreciate this will be really disappointing for many, but in the context of the coronavirus crisis there is a clear need to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and all our families. Eligible students will receive their parchments by end of November 2020 to their home address. If you wish to update your home address please see for more information.

Further information about rescheduled graduation ceremonies can be found on our Graduation Day page.

In order to graduate in 2020 at a winter ceremony you must follow these steps:

  1. Register your intention to graduate by no later than Friday 4th September 2020. You must do this in order to receive your parchment if you are eligible. If you have already registered during March – May 2020 you do not need to complete graduation registration again.
  2. Ensure all outstanding tuition fees are paid by Friday 25th September 2020 for inclusion in the winter ceremonies. If you do not clear your debt before this date you will not be invited to graduate in 2020.
  3. Pass all outstanding modules and have your award eligibility confirmed by 18th September 2020 (UG) and 9th October 2020 (TPG) for winter ceremonies. 

Also, please remember these important points to avoid disappointment:

  1. You must graduate at the first set of ceremonies available to you after your award is confirmed by a Progression and Awards Board. You cannot choose what ceremony to attend. For those who are due to graduate at a winter ceremony it is not possible to defer to a 2021 ceremony if you already have a confirmed award by the date mentioned above. You will be invited to a rescheduled ceremony.  
  2. You must register in order to receive your parchment in the post to your home address if you are eligible. If you do not complete registration then you will not be eligible to graduate through winter 2020 ceremonies.

For our Glasgow campus-based students, The Herald and The Scotsman newspapers will be printing a list of all graduates in their publications on Wednesday 25th November 2020. If you opted to be in the press when you completed graduation registration then your details will be published. You can check whether you opted in or out of the press by checking your graduation registration confirmation. If you are unsure please email us remembering to quote your student ID

If you wish to change your preference to opt in or out of the press, please email us by Friday 6th November 2020 at the very latest.

If you live in Scotland you will be able to pick up a copy of either The Scotsman or The Herald on the day in any retail outlet.

You can also pre-order a special edition issue of The Herald at . This is available to both UK and Overseas graduates. The cut-off for pre-orders is Monday 23rd November 2020.

If live out with Scotland, you may wish to purchase a copy of The Scotsman by contacting their subscriptions team on (+44) 0330 403 0066 or by emailing


The Graduation Registration site is closed. Graduation registration was reopened from 10th August 2020 until 29th September 2020 after having been open for over 11 weeks in the spring. All final year students who were expected to graduate in 2020 at a winter graduation were emailed to both their University and personal email accounts multiple times during this period inviting them to register. If you did not register within this period you will not be able to graduate during the winter 2020 graduation period.

This registration period is for all students who expect to graduate in 2020. If you have registered in a previous academic year but not completed your studies, you must complete the registration process again to register your intention to graduate for 2020. 

If you registered during the initial registration period March – May 2020 and did not graduate through the summer graduation period you do not need to register again. Your registration will carry forward to the winter graduation period.

Privacy Notice

Glasgow Caledonian University’s graduation ceremonies are significant events for our graduates, their guests and our staff. These ceremonies are public events and therefore there is no expectation of privacy under data protection legislation for any attendees. This statement explains how personal data will be processed for and during the event and provides guidance should you not wish your personal data to be processed in this way. This applies to all students who are intending to graduate or may be eligible for an award, whether they attend a ceremony or not. Full details can be found in our Graduations Privacy Notice PDF.

Outstanding Tuition Fees

In line with the University’s Credit Control and Debt Management policy, if you have outstanding tuition fees owed to the University at the time your assessment board releases the results for your programme of study, you will not be able to graduate either in person or in absentia at this set of ceremonies, or receive your certificate.

All outstanding tuition fees owed to the University must be paid in full BEFORE your assessment results are due to be released, and no later than Tuesday 19th May 2020 for inclusion in the summer ceremonies and Friday 25th September 2020 to ensure inclusion in winter graduation ceremonies. Any student who has not cleared any outstanding tuition fee debt by these dates will be removed from the graduation ceremony. Please check with your Programme Coordinator for specific dates in relation to when your Assessment Board is due to meet and your results published.

Guest Tickets

Each graduating student is allocated two guest tickets which you can request when you register your intent to graduate. Only after the final numbers and ceremonies are confirmed can we hold a ballot to allocate any remaining guest tickets. If you wish to be included in the ballot you can request these by selecting one or two extra tickets on your registration form. This means the maximum any student can request is a total of 4 guest tickets. Please be aware, if you are successful in the ballot, not all guest tickets may be seated together.

Please note: we cannot guarantee that students will get all the extra guest tickets they requested. If you make arrangements on the assumption of obtaining extra tickets, you are doing so at your own risk. The University does not accept liability for any actual or alleged loss that may result in the event that extra tickets are unavailable.

Guest tickets are booked in your name and cannot be used by anyone else.
Please note: all children must have a guest ticket no matter how young they are. Please also bear in mind that the Graduation Ceremony is a formal occasion, which may last up to 2 hours. The University provides a crèche on graduation days for children up to five years of age, of both graduates and their guests, details of which can be found on our Graduation Day page.

Graduands will be issued with your own seat ticket when you arrive to register your attendance at the ceremony. The time that you need to arrive to register is confirmed in your invitation email.

Your invitation and guest tickets will be sent by email to both your GCU and external email addresses (as on your student record) approximately 7 - 10 days before the ceremony.

The Glasgow graduation ceremonies take place at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (GRCH) which is operated by Glasgow Life Limited. Limited personal data will be shared with Glasgow Life to enable eTickets (guest tickets) be issued to graduands.

If your invitation and guest tickets haven’t reached your inbox 7 days before the ceremony, please email us at providing your name and Student ID number to enable us to check your record - do not contact the Box Office at GRCH directly as they will refer you back to the University.

You must remember to print your guests’ eTickets or have them on your mobile phone - or the mobile phone of your guests - to show staff on duty at the entrance to the Auditorium – no one is admitted to the Auditorium without a valid ticket.

Gown Hire and Dress Code

Glasgow Caledonian University has a range of academic gowns and hoods, depending upon which degree you are graduating with. These should be hired no later than 21 days before your ceremony.
Gowns and hoods can be hired online from the official University gown supplier, Ede & Ravenscroft. GCU is not responsible for providing or returning them.
You must hire the gown and hood relevant to the degree you will receive. The illustrations below indicate the degree associated with each robe.
Range of academic gowns and hoods for Glasgow Caledonian University
On the day of your ceremony, you should collect your gown and hood from Room W010B in the Hamish Wood building (building 1 on the campus map). Full details of how to do this will be in your invitation.
You should return them to the same room immediately after the ceremony. Gowns must be returned by no later than 6pm on the day of your ceremony unless you have made other arrangements with the gown hire company. Please see Ede and Ravenscroft’s website for details.
Hats or mortar boards are not part of the academic dress at GCU and must not be worn.

Graduation is a formal event and as such it is expected that graduands should dress appropriately.
Men should wear suits, shirt & tie or national dress.
Ladies should consider appropriate footwear, taking into account that they will have to negotiate steps on and off the graduation platform. Jeans and/or T-shirts are not permitted.

You may wish to look at the photo gallery on the graduation website home page which shows the variety of University colours for each of the academic awards, (BA, BSc etc). You will see from the photographs, that most students wear black and white on the day in order to prevent colour clash.

Exit Awards

If you decide to withdraw from your programme of study, then you may be eligible for an exit award. This will be dependent upon the specific credits you have earned during your studies. Your Programme Coordinator will be able to advise on what exit award you may be entitled to.

Should you withdraw from your programme with an exit award, you will receive your award at the next set of graduation ceremonies after you have made this request.
You must still register to graduate by completing the online registration form during the specified Graduation Registration period.
Contact the Graduation Team to find out more -

If you decide to transfer to another programme within GCU, without using your credits, you can graduate with an exit award from your original programme of study, however, if you use your credits for direct entry into another programme within GCU you cannot graduate with an exit award from your original programme.

You also cannot graduate twice from the same programme. If you change your mind and want to go on to the next level of your programme, you must put your request in an email from your GCU email account to – (not by telephone) - by Tuesday 19th May 2020 for the summer ceremonies, and Friday 25th September 2020 for the winter ceremonies. When emailing, please give your full name, Student ID, and programme of study.

If you decide to transfer to a programme at another university, you can graduate from GCU with an exit award.

Please note - What you do may affect any financial help you get from SAAS. Please contact SAAS for advice.

About & FAQs

You can’t choose when you graduate; you must graduate at the first ceremony for your school/programme after your award is confirmed.

Change of personal details
Legal documentation to support a name change must be received by us before the Assessment Board confirms your academic award. If you expect your award to be confirmed at the summer Assessment Board, please bring documentation to the Campus Life Desk (Level 1, George Moore Building) for Glasgow students, or the Student Office (Level 1, GCU London) for London students, no later than Tuesday 19th May 2020. If you expect your award to be confirmed at the autumn Assessment Board, please bring documentation to the above locations no later than Friday 25th September 2020. No changes will be accepted after these dates.
Changes to your address may be made after completing registration on our Student Records site. This would need to be done by the above dates.

Assessment Board Results
If you submit an appeal against the level of your award, you can still choose to attend graduation; your name and level of award (at time of Graduation) will be included in the Graduation Programme and you will be able to formally graduate with your peers.

You will not, however, receive your award certificate at the Ceremony, as the award is subject to appeal, but you will receive a letter in a presentation folder confirming that you have lodged an appeal which is currently under consideration. Once the final decision has been made at Appeal, the Department of Governance and Quality will confirm the outcome in writing. Your award will then be posted to your home address.

Alternatively, you can choose not to graduate while your appeal is under consideration, but this needs to be confirmed in writing to the Graduation Team via an email from your GCU email account to ensure that your name and level of award are not included in the Graduation Listings. If you take this option, your graduation request will be held on file until a decision is made on your Appeal.

If you unfortunately fail your assessments and therefore are not awarded a degree/certificate by your Assessment board then we will withdraw you from the ceremony. If you don't achieve your award in the current academic year, you must complete graduation registration again the next academic year. If you have any questions on this, please email the Graduation Team at

If, for whatever reason, your Assessment Board is unable to make a decision on your results, we will withdraw you from the ceremony. If no decision is made in that academic year you must complete graduation registration again the next academic year.

If you have registered to graduate but the decision of the Assessment Board is that you transfer to the Generic Award, we will withdraw you from the graduation ceremony. If you do not wish to take up the option to transfer to the generic award but proceed with graduation and graduate with an exit award - if you have eligibility for an exit award - you must contact the Graduation Team at providing your name and Student ID number.