Career Mentoring

Career Mentoring

Career Mentoring is a brand new initiative as part of a wider support programme exclusively for GCU 2020 graduates. In these challenging times we are so proud of our students and new graduates and aim to provide as much support as we can for you as you enter a new chapter as a GCU graduate.

We are thrilled to have had a phenomenal response from GCU graduates who are willing to give their time and expertise and we thank you all sincerely.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship where a more experienced person provides advice or help to someone in order to enhance their life or career development. A GCU graduate mentor can guide, help and benefit a new graduate in their first steps post-graduation during unique and challenging times.

Find a mentor

Join our mentoring programme, and give your career a helping hand.

  • Tell us your preferences and be matched with a mentor
  • Hundreds of GCU graduates willing to give industry or general advice
  • Mentors of all ages, industries, career stages and all over the world
  • Register your interest here

Be a mentor

  • Are you a graduate of GCU at any stage of your career who might be willing to give advice to a GCU 2020 graduate?
  • Offer advice on your industry, CV’s, or even the country where you work
  • Advice like this can be invaluable to new graduates entering a very unique and challenging employment market and can be a mutually rewarding experience
  • Register your interest here

Introduction to Career Mentoring

Timeline and Process

Mentoring programmes will take place over 4-6 months, with an aim to have a virtual meeting with your mentor once every 3-4 weeks. Guidance will be given to your mentor as to how these meetings should be structured and you will work together to discuss your requirements and set your end goals.

At the end of your mentoring programme we will ask mentors and mentees to give feedback and the GCU Mentoring Team can be contacted any time during the process should you need help or guidance.

2020 graduates

Once you have completed our online form the team will match you with a suitable mentor to match your needs.

The team will then contact you to introduce you to your mentor. Your mentoring programme will begin in late June 2020 with a view to completing in Sept 2020.

2021 graduates

Once you have registered your interest, you will be matched with a mentor over the 2020 summer break period. On return to your final year at GCU in Sept 2020, the team will contact you to introduce you to your mentor. Your mentoring programme will take place over 4-6 months, ending early 2021.

Guidance for Mentees
  • Know what you are looking for

Think about why you have signed up to GCU Mentoring and what you would like to gain from this.

  • Know what you are asking

Consider the questions you will ask your mentor and why. For example, these may be on your specific course or industry, the organisation the mentor works for, the country they work in, or perhaps more general advice about your CV or interview tips.

  • Manage your expectations

Plan, think about and set your expectations early in the process. Don't enter into a mentoring relationship simply to network or secure a job or internship. These can be perks of a mentorship, but should not be your ultimate end goal. Gaining insight, advice, and learning from others' experiences are the valuable outcomes from mentoring connections.

  • Say thank you

Be sure to thank your mentor for his or her time. For example, you might relate what you learned from the mentoring relationship or how it helped you take the next step in your personal journey

Guidance for Mentors

Read our Career Mentoring Handbook for Mentors (PDF)

To view our Online Top Tips for Mentors on Facebook, click here

  • Discuss, set, and agree to mutual expectations with your mentee
  • Be committed. Make sure you have the time and motivation to engage with your mentee
  • Be proactive. Often students can be shy and intimidated by the idea of reaching out to mentors. It can sometimes be helpful to guide them, perhaps by asking questions or offering advice such as work-life balance or how to set realistic goals and expectations for this phase of their career
  • Get to know the person you're mentoring. A personal touch makes conversations more interesting and rewarding. Offer feedback; for example, you might guide the mentee on how to improve their communication skills. Are they able to articulate and answer questions?
  • Tell stories. Share what you've learned from your past experiences with your mentee. Your experiences are invaluable. For example, describe your successes and challenges
  • Be encouraging. Challenge them to try new things rather than focusing too narrowly early on. Keep a positive attitude to help your mentee through challenges by giving him or her tips to help them keep their perspective. As new graduates, you've been there too, and likely have a valuable perspective on what they're going through
What Can You Expect?

Mentoring is a useful way to gain industry contacts, career guidance, or useful hints and tips about other aspects such as the country you plan to work in, how to structure your CV, organisations to contact. It is not a means to provide you with a job or internship, although on occasion such opportunities do present themselves through the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

The GCU Mentoring Scheme is open initially to all GCU 2020 graduates. Soon afterwards this will be opened up to 2021 graduates and beyond.

When can I apply?

All 2020 and 2021 graduates can apply any time between May and September 2020.

What is the time commitment?

The programme will last for 4-6 months. Each virtual meeting should last around 45-60 minutes and take place once every 3-4 weeks.

What will I discuss with my mentor?

Mentors will focus on giving you industry support and general guidance.

Who might my mentor be?

Your mentor will be a graduate of GCU who has volunteered their personal time to provide you with help and guidance. The information both mentors and mentees provide at the application process will help us to match you in the most effective way to meet your needs. We will consider your preferences on industry, gender, location and so on.

What training will I receive?

Both mentors and mentees will be provided with detailed handbooks, online tutorials and continuous web resources.

What support will I receive as a mentor?

Over and above the materials and training provided GCU Mentoring Team (comprised of members of both the Alumni Engagement and Careers teams), we are here any time you have a query or would like further guidance.

Will I get to chat other mentors or mentees?

Yes! If you join our private Facebook group, can you freely interact with both the GCU Mentoring team and other mentors and mentees going through the programme.

How we use your Personal Information

  1. Personal Information and other details about you that you supply as part of the registration process are used to provide you with the Services and information as set out in our Terms of Use. We will not use that information for any purpose other than as set out as part of the GCU Mentoring agreement.
  2. We will use information provided by you to help you advance your career through inside connections, leverage your professional network, and/or share and/or find business opportunities and stay in touch with the Membership Organization. You consent to the use of your Personal Information being used for this purpose.

If you have any further questions, please contact the GCU Mentoring team on

Contact Us

The GCU Mentoring team is always here for you at any time to answer any questions you may have or anything you would like to discuss.

Whether you are a mentor or mentee, or just interested and would like to know more, please contact our team on We are happy to chat with you by phone or email to suit your needs.