Erase the Grey

Erase the Grey

There are no grey areas when it comes to gender-based violence

All members of society have the right to study and work without experiencing any form of gender-based violence (GBV), abuse or harassment. Often described as ‘violence against women’, the term gender-based violence refers to violence directed against someone because of their gender and expectations of their role in a society or culture.

The Erase the Grey campaign - launched by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) -  has key messages which challenge stereotypical attitudes and behaviours and reiterates a zero-tolerance policy towards gender-based violence.

Promote the Erase the Grey campaign

Gender-based violence (GBV) is an issue across all of society and it is one we need to tackle together.

Join the University's movement towards a safer Scotland. Get involved by requesting access to a bank of free #erasethegrey resources to help promote this campaign:

  • Access the official branding
  • Download pre-branded materials for your use
  • Learn how to use the branding correctly with brand guidelines
  • Get ideas for your campus or organisation
  • Print your own branded goods

Additional messages addressing other forms of GBV and/or aimed at particular social groups and identities are planned for future runs of the campaign.

How we created the campaign

GCU’s students and staff worked together in consultation with a range of external agencies to create this highly-commended campaign, entitled #GCUerasethegrey.

The messaging was displayed around the University's Glasgow campus and was supported by a social media campaign which encouraged people to change attitudes and behaviours by raising awareness of the issue.

The intention was for the campaign to speak to the whole GCU community; to act as a call to action; raise awareness and challenge prevailing myths. The messages reflect GCU’s definition of gender-based violence (GBV) and covers a wide range of issues.

Anthony Cardle (GCU Alumnus) explained that he had the opportunity to get involved with the campaign as a result of the Design For Change module offered to fourth-year Digital Design (Graphics) students at GCU.

Working on the campaign allowed me to see the passion and effort that the University puts into social issues facing us today. It was great to be able to give this issue a ‘visual voice’ and start to see it implemented throughout the campus and on social channels.

Anthony Cardle
Digital Design (Graphics) graduate

Fearless Glasgow

We are a multiagency partnership tackling and preventing gender-based violence in all its forms through joint strategic and operational actions. Primarily focusing on further and higher education settings we are committed to ending gender-based violence by challenging harmful behaviours and attitudes alongside supporting those impacted and building confidence. Informed by Equally Safe, our common purpose is to deliver safer communities and culture change; a Fearless Glasgow.

Fearless Glasgow Membership

Further information, advice and support

The campaign was initially launched to promote the University’s First Responders scheme, which allows staff and students to disclose any incidents of gender-based violence to a member of trained GCU support staff.

Students and staff can find gender-based and sexual violence support within the University and externally.