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Choose postgraduate study at GCU

Take your existing skills, passion and knowledge from your bachelor's degree further with a masters qualification. After graduating, choose postgraduate study to give yourself an edge when it comes to employability – plus, with a postgraduate degree, you increase your chances of being in a professional role by 20%.*

Know your options

If you are a GCU graduate, we are pleased to offer you a loyalty scholarship – 20% off of any postgraduate fee. Once you have graduated with your masters degree, as an expert in your field, you could be earning on average nine percent more** than you would be with a bachelor's degree.

There is a range of different levels of postgraduate qualifications you can undertake - here's a handy guide to the types that are available and what's involved in each.

Masters degrees (MSc, MA, MEng, MRes)

A masters degree is typically completed in one year on a full-time basis.

Masters study is intensive; taught at a higher academic level, which requires a dissertation or student project. Studying a masters degree can provide you with further vocational training or preparation for further research. Ultimately, it's your opportunity to demonstrate a higher level of knowledge in your specific field of study.

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Postgraduate diploma (PgD)

A Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) can be achieved in under one year on a full-time basis.

Postgraduate Diploma study is similar to masters level study but without the final dissertation. Studying a Postgraduate Diploma can take your degree a step further - and there is the option to progress to masters later with the completion of a masters dissertation.

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Postgraduate Certificate (PgC)

The Postgraduate Certificate is the next level of qualification available after a bachelor's degree.

A Postgraduate Certificate PgC can be obtained with a few months of full-time study. In most subject areas, you can typically convert your PgC to a PgD or masters through the completion of further modules and a masters dissertation.

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Research degrees (PhD, Doctorate)

PhD and Professional Doctorate qualifications provide a pathway to academia, private consultancy or commercial research and development opportunities.

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*Source: Findamasters, 2018
**Postgraduates earn around 9% more than graduates over the course of a lifetime. (Fiscal Studies, 2015)