Cyber Security, Networking and Communications (CSN

Our vision

Enhance and secure our digitally connected world.

Our aim

We aim to increase the performance of modern digital systems with elements of Networking, Communications and Cyber Security, using different advanced techniques such as queuing, AI, ML, software engineering. The research group also actively engages with applied research projects using cross-disciplinary approaches to achieve high capacity and reliable platforms in this rapidly changing area.

Key Projects

KTP with Eureka Solutions Limited - Adaptive Software Product Integration
Mobile App Profiling for Malicious Activity Detection
Real-time Security monitoring of IoT using Deep Learning and Random Neural Networks.
Low Power Wide Area Wireless Sensor Network (License Free Spectrum) for Environmental Sensing with Smart Autonomous RF-Energy Harvesting Sensor Interface.
Intelligent Random Neural Network Controller for BEMS, Tele-health and Oil & Gas with energy harvesting capabilities.
Feasibility of random neural networks as a self-learning intelligent platform for deployment of energy harvesting compatible sensors in building control application

Group Members & Research Students

Prof. Hadi Larijani
Dr. Ali Shahrabi
Dr. Dimitrios Liarokapis
Dr. Nhamoinesu Mtetwa
Dr. Tuleen Boutaleb
Dr. Kenneth Ovens
Dr. Salma Mohamad
Dr. Jackie Riley
Dr. Omair Uthmani
Frances Garven
Maria Filippopoulou
David Hendry
Ricardo Lazzarini
Colin Raeburn
Anand Philip

Research students:

Ayyaz Qureshi
Jawad Ahmad
Eugen Harinda
Winfred Ingabire
Alexander Marinov
Mahsa Sedighi

Sustainable Development Goals