Cycling Forum

Welcome to GCU’s Cycling Forum. Our short cycling video summarises what GCU is doing to encourage more people to cycle to the University with more information about many of these initiatives available below.

Why a Cycling Forum?

The aim of the Cycling Forum is to help increase the number of journeys made to GCU by bicycle. To achieve this, the Cycling Forum will:

  • Provide a channel for cyclists to discuss cycling issues with the University.
  • Consider barriers to cycling at GCU and develop proposals to overcome them.
  • Enhance cycling proficiency by promoting cyclist coaching and training.
  • Provide information and resources to more cycling to GCU.
  • Organise cycling events.
  • Link into existing and planned health and wellbeing initiatives.

The Cycling Forum is an informal association of students and staff at GCU with an interest in cycling and is administered by GCU’s Sustainability Officer.

GCU’s Cycling Forum provides a mechanism for the University to engage with students and staff that cycle and understand their cycling needs. Through this dialogue, and with the help of a number of stakeholders, there has been a significant amount of targeted investment in cycling infrastructure and as a result the number of students and staff cycling to the University between 2-12 and 2015 almost doubled (to just over 4% and 9% respectively).

In recognition of this achievement Cycling Scotland awarded Scotland's first Cycle Friendly Campus Award to GCU in February 2016.

In developing infrastructure for cyclists, the University acknowledges the support from the following organisations: Cycling Scotland, Sustrans, SPT, The Bike Station and Glasgow City Council.

Register - Don't Miss Out

To keep GCU cyclists up-to-date on cycling related events, we send out email alerts about twice a month (sign-up here) and also have an active Facebook Group.

Getting Started - Routes, Maps and Cycling Buddies

If you’re thinking about cycling to GCU we can help in a number of ways, from pointing you towards some awesome route planning tools, maps and linking you up with potential cycling buddies.

Routes & Maps

Cycle Streets is a great route planning tool for cyclists: just enter your start and end postcodes and it gives you three route options (quiet, intermediate and fast).

Glasgow City Council has several cycle route maps for Glasgow, which are available from here.

In addition we also have maps with Glasgow’s cycling routes. Please contact to request your free copy.

Cycling Buddies

If you're thinking about cycling to GCU the Cycle Forum can also help you get started by putting you in touch with experienced cyclists who are happy to discuss route options.

GCU's Cycle Buddies have shared their routes with us and are happy to help you get started. Click here to see a google map with a selection of routes travels by GCU Cycle Buddies.

To contact a Cycle Buddy to discuss potential routes, please send an email to with details of your starting point. Please note that for security reasons, we'll only reply to emails sent from either or addresses.

Bike Maintenance Video Tutorials

BikeRide and MadeGood have some great bike maintenance videos.


Lockers for Cyclists

We have a limited number of personal lockers throughout campus available for use by cyclists. GCU’s lockers are managed by the Mailroom and are issued at the Start of Semester A. Visit this page for more information about requesting a locker.

NB.: The above lockers are only available to students. Staff (and students) can also hire lockers from the Arc (contact the Arc reception for further details).

Second Hand Bike Shops

A number of community organisations in Glasgow run second-hand bike shops. Check out Donate your bike Glasgow for details of where you can find them.



50% off nextbike membership

GCU students and staff are eligible for a 50% discount on the annual sunscription Glasgow's public hire bikes (operated by nextbike).

The dicount reduces the annual membership from £60 to £30 and gives access to reduced hire rates.  To access, use your or email and select "Glasgow Caledonian University" in the partner field when completing the sign-up form.

Renting a bike is really easy: phone an automated number (that recognised your phone number), enter the bike number you want to hire and they send you a text with a code to unlock the bike. When you return the bike to one of the stations (doesn't need to be the same one) repeat the hire process. If you're pressed for time, you can also use a smart card, which replaces the need to phone.

Once your nextbike membership is activated, you'll have access to other nextbike networks throughout the world. If you would like more information about using nextbikes please email:

Ride Better – Essential Cycling Skills App

Cycling Scotland has a nifty free app (iPhone & Android) based on its Essential Cycling Skills training that will help new and returning cyclists develop the necessary skills to cycle safely busy city roads. Although originally targeted at new and returning cyclists, the tool is a great refresher for everyone else and a reminder of some good habits to follow. Download the Essential Riding Skills app and ride better!

Keeping Your Bike Safe & Secure

Nobody wants to be in a situtation where they find that their bike is not where they left it. To avoid such disappointments, here are some tips that will help keep your bike secure:

  1. If possible, invest in two, different good quality locks. A comon rule of thumb is to spend at least 10% of the value of your bike on a lock and preferably one rated Sold Secure Gold. Here is a useful bike lock buyer's guide.
  2. High footfall, visble areas are generally seen to deter bike thieves more than quiet, secluded locations.
  3. Lock your bike properly to something secure.
  4. Have your bike security marked: whilst this will not prevent your bike from being stolen, it may act as a deterrent.

The video below provides a good overview of how to lock your bike securely.

Bike Parking - How to use our 2-tier bike racks

The video below shows how easy it is to use the two-tier bike racks at GCU (outside the Arc and next to the Security Office).