• Smart Travel

Smart Travel

Student and staff commuting are significant components of GCU's carbon footprint and we are commited to reducing it and other environmental impacts associated with our operations.

Our Sustainable Travel Plan (Nov 2015) sets out our ambitions for reducing the environmental impact of travel, whilst the Sustainable Travel Plan (Nov 2015) - Progress Update - Aug 2018 provides a summary of progress so far.

Below are some tips which will, depending on how you travel, help you choose cheaper, more environmentally friendlier ways of travelling to GCU. Sign-up to our cheaper travel tips (mailchimp form) for tips and advice on how to reduce the cost and environmental impact of  your commute to GCU.

In the meantime, here are some ideas that could help you reduce the impact of your journeys to and from GCU.

  • Walking: Its free and healthy! Check out this urban route planner.
  • Cycling: GCU has plenty of secure cycle parking, shower and locker facilities in the ARC. GCU's Cycling Forum has information about forthcoming events and cycling to GCU.
  • Glasgow Subway: SPT’s Smartcard offers the most cost effective subway fares (up to 30% off the cost of subway travel).  Visit SPT's Smartcard pages for more information and details of how to get your Smartcard.
  • Take the bus: GCU students and staff can benefit from special discounts from Citylink (visit MyCitylink for more information).
  • Efficient Driving: If none of the above are an option, the Energy Saving Trust has some useful tips to help reduce the environmental impact from driving.