Accept your offer

Congratulations! You have an offer to study at GCU!

The undergraduate application process is very straightforward. If you have applied to us via UCAS you will have the additional support they provide. If you applied to us directly our admissions team will handle your application from start to finish.

How to accept

The acceptance stage is very important. Follow the instructions below to accept your offer and begin looking forward to registration.

When to accept

When you accept an unconditional offer - you have a definite place at GCU. We then send you important information regarding your registration and the exciting induction programme we have planned for September.

Accepting a conditional offer

A conditional offer is one which is made subject to you obtaining specific requirements from your exams, assessments or other non-academic criteria. 

Did you know: You do not need to wait until you have met the conditions to accept your conditional offer.

If you currently have a conditional offer, accept now via UCAS or by emailing us directly.

Firm and insurance acceptances 

You can reply to offers without having to wait to hear back from all your choices, but please ensure you have thought carefully because once you accept an offer, including an insurance offer, you are committed to that course.

Key UCAS dates and deadlines

Need more information?

We hope that you have found this information useful.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, contact our Student Enquiries Team who can help by putting you in contact with your Programme Leader.