Staff Email

Staff can access email in 2 ways.  Using Microsoft Outlook, installed on a staff system, or using the GCU webmail which is called Outlook Web App. It provides the same level of functionality on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari whether on a laptop on mobile device.

The host name used to connect to the Outlook Web App has also been updated to, but, and any existing links or bookmarks you use to access the service, will continue to work.

We have introduced Outlook Anywhere, which means you can use email using Outlook from a machine outside the university’s network (for example working from a university laptop off campus) without a VPN connection. You can find more information here.


training package on Outlook Web App is available. When you click the link you will be redirected to the GCU login page where you will be prompted for your university username and password. Once you enter this information you will be taken to the Outlook Web App Essential Training course.