Research Innovation Office

At Glasgow Caledonian University our research, consultancy and knowledge exchange activities are supported by the Research and Innovation Office. Our research and innovation staff support research funding applications, management of contractual agreements, project costing and engagement with business partners including Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP).

KTP is funded by organisations including Innovate UK and the Scottish Funding Council. KTPs have been helping businesses for 40 years to improve productivity and competitiveness through the best use of knowledge, technology and skills. KTPs enable businesses to work with GCU’s academic experts to deliver a specific project or innovation solutions through this knowledge-based partnership.

Consultancy, collaborations and commercial opportunities are also supported and maintained by the research and innovation team. We ensure impactful sustainable knowledge exchange through social innovation. We provide effective metrics and procedures to record and evidence the University’s research and innovation activities.

Our aim is to attain research excellence by optimising the research output of academic staff whilst developing a dynamic culture of innovation amongst students and staff across the University.

GCU staff can connect to funding opportunities, research innovation documents, policies and support here.


The government has invested £25 million of additional funding in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) with a focus on projects that boost productivity. 

What this means…

Projects that enhance management skills within the business’ leadership to address productivity are encouraged. This means KTP projects could help boost a range of sectors and leadership skills that previously were unlikely to be funded, for example:

  • Strategic and operational management 
  • Employment relations and management, including use of incentives 
  • Change management
  • Growth strategy 
  • Organisational psychology 
  • Marketing 
  • Accounting 
  • Finance 
  • Logistics
  • Supply chain

The injection of funding is expected to deliver an additional 200 KTP projects and has been ring-fenced for low productivity companies (or those with the ability to boost productivity) looking to improve businesses performance. Projects will be funded on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Innovate UK are looking for ambitious businesses who want to make a clear strategic step and address a significant challenge. The impact of the additional productivity focused KTPs is distinctly captured and comparable to the rest of the KTP programme and other Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy programmes.

This funding is all part of the UK government’s commitment to established and emerging businesses, with this additional £25 million set aside to increase management capability and technology adoption and improve companies access to finance. 

What is a KTP?

KTPs are part of Innovate UK’s world-leading flagship programme designed to help businesses to innovate by connecting them to the UK's wealth of academic resources.

They develop a partnership between the business seeking expertise, a university and a high performing graduate who base themselves full-time at the company. A project can last between 12 and 36 months.

KTPs are sponsored by Innovate UK, research councils and a number of other bodies. Sponsors fund 67% of the project costs for an SME and 50% of the project costs for larger companies.

Applications for companies looking to boost their productivity are open from 7 February 2019

Research and REF

We are preparing GCU for REF2021. We provide strategic planning support, undertake mock REF exercises and help capture research outputs across our academic community. If you have a query regarding a research project or REF2021 preparations, contact us on: 

Research and REF Manager
Yasmin Glover
+44 141 331 8882

Research Costings Administrator
Alan McKinnon
+44 141 273 1221

Knowledge exchange and commercialisation

Improve your competitiveness and productivity with the help of the knowledge, technology and skills that reside within our University. Our aim is to build and develop strong links with industry providing collaborative research and commercial consultancy. 

We can help you find the new technologies you need to grow your business or investment. Through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), Innovation Vouchers and the UK Industrial Grand Challenges Scheme, we can work with you and your business.

Get in touch today, contact:

Knowledge Transfer Manager
Janette Wark
+44 141 331 8877

Contracts and IP Advisor
Susan Armstrong
+44 141 331 3069

Global challenges and sustainable development

We are Official Development Assistance (ODA) compliant and we work with other ODA universities to secure funding and support for applied research that actively contributes to the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s. As the University for the Common Good, we are committed to contributing to three major societal challenges across the world. Our world-leading research enables communities to build inclusive societies, live healthy lives and create sustainable environments.

If you are looking for an ODA partner to collaborate with on interdisciplinary research projects get in touch today:

Simon Teasdale
+44 141 331 8627

International collaborations

GCU seeks to harness the success of the European Collaborations in H2020, Erasmus+ and Interreg projects. We are extending our international collaborations, seeking new areas of funding and new opportunities to collaborate with international partners in research projects that utilise our skills, knowledge and expertise. 

If you are seeking new areas of funding and new opportunities to collaborate, get in touch today:

Senior Project Manager 
Pablo Lopez Alonso
+44 141 331 8337

Social innovation

We seek collaborative partners to develop socially innovative research, to work with us on knowledge exchange projects and embed socially innovative practice as part of a network of Social Innovation. We work closely with organisations such as AshokaU, SIX Global Council and The Melting Pot.  Existing projects include SIKE (Social Innovation through Knowledge Exchange), SEASIN and LASIN. We can help demonstrate the organisation's ability to affect social change in a direct and meaningful way. 

Get in touch today for more information;

Project Manager 
Rose Cawood 
+44 141 331 3749