All our current staff and students are members of our library. You may be able to use other academic libraries under the terms of the SCONUL Access scheme. If you live in Glasgow, then you can join Glasgow Libraries. This allows you to use their Research 24/7 service.

We offer limited borrowing rights as community members to the following groups of people:

  • former students - please refer to our alumni pages
  • mentors and clinical supervisors
  • staff and students from other universities under the SCONUL Access scheme.

You can usually pick up your library card and borrow books one week after you register at the Library Desk.

Staff and students of the School of Health and Life Sciences can join the NHS e-library (now the Knowledge Network). Use the Register link at the top of the page. (Please note that life membership of Glasgow Caledonian University Students' Association doesn't include the right to use this library. You need to apply separately.)

GCU staff and students

Our current staff and students have free membership with full borrowing rights. Other people can have limited borrowing rights but for some groups there is a yearly charge.

How much does it cost? 
  • It’s free for:
    • Academics on reciprocal schemes
    • Recognised mentors
    • SCONUL Access members
  • £30.00 each year for former students who pay by direct debit. It is much more efficient for us to process your membership in this way
How many items can I borrow?
  • A total of seven items. Within this total there is a maximum of five long loans and five two week loans. There are fines and other penalties for overdue items.
How do I join?
  • Academics on reciprocal schemes - Bring your college ID card and a current pay slip or, if you have been recently appointed, a letter of appointment to The Library Desk on level 0 of the Saltire Centre. You can usually pick up your library card and borrow books one week later
  • SCONUL Access members - Bring your university ID card and your acceptance email from your home institution to The Library Desk on level 0 of the Saltire Centre. You can usually pick up your library card and borrow books one week later
  • Mentors - see the Mentors tab
  • Alumni - see the Alumni tab
What are the membership conditions?
  • You have to sign a registration form agreeing to keep to our regulations. We can withdraw your membership if you don’t keep to them or if you abuse the service
  • We can renew your membership only if you have no overdue items or fines to pay
  • Your membership doesn’t include the right to use libraries with which we have reciprocal agreements
  • We can refuse an application for membership, withdraw memberships and change costs and entitlements
What other services can I use?
  • There are smart tables on levels 2, 3 and 4 of the library which let you use Discover
  • Our interlibrary loan and book reservation services are for our current staff and students only, but your local library may provide these for you

Please send suggestions about improving this service to the Customer Service Team at


We welcome alumni of GCU to join under the conditions outlined on the previous tab. Have you seen our alumni pages?

It costs £30.00 each year if you pay by credit card. It is much more efficient for us to process your membership in this way.

Associate staff

Associate staff may join the Library for one academic year. If this needs to be extended, you must re-apply.

You can borrow a total of 20 items. For full details please see our borrowing page.

To apply for associate membership, please email a completed application form to You will receive an email when your card is ready; please allow up to five working days. Please bring this email and one piece of photographic ID to the Library Desk on Level 0 of the Saltire Centre to receive your card.

Please note - departments or sponsors will ultimately be liable for the cost of any material not returned to the Library.

As an Associate staff member you are not entitled to SCONUL Access via Glasgow Caledonian University.

Associate staff also have access to eresources through your authorised guest account. This must be arranged through Information Services by your department.

Community users

We offer free community membership to the public. You can sign up for free Wi-Fi access and use our paper books and journal stock for reference. You can borrow one laptop computer from the Library Desk (available for a three hour loan) to use in the library. You can also borrow three long loan books from our collections in the compact shelves. We have a video guide to finding books using our Smart Tables. You my also find our list of open access resources useful.

To join, please fill in the online community membership form.

You can either complete the form at home or use our smart tables in the library. Please bring two forms of identification to the Library Desk on level 0 (one from each section below). We need to see the original documents for verification. We also need to see these documents every 90 days in order to revalidate your membership.

Section one - photo ID:
  • National identity card
  • Passport
  • Photocard driving licence
Section two - proof of address:

Must be dated no more than three months old and contain your name and current address.

  • Bank statement
  • Council Tax statement or other Local Authority letter
  • Government letter (pension, benefit and so on)
  • Utility bill (gas, electricity, telephone or mobile)
  • Valid old style driving license
Terms and Conditions:
  • Any of your data on the laptop will be automatically deleted each time it is powered off or restarted. All work must be saved and backed up to an external device or online cloud storage
  • Borrowed laptops remain the property of Glasgow Caledonian University and you must comply with the University’s IT Regulations and Policies
  • You are fully responsible for the borrowed laptop and any loss or damage incurred
  • You should contact the Library Desk immediately should you notice any damage to a laptop
  • We will check laptops regularly, and where a returned laptop is found to be damaged, you will be charged for repair or replacement as described in the Library Regulations. The replacement cost is up to £500 
  • Laptops may be borrowed for up to three hours and must be returned by the specified loan time
  • If a laptop is not returned by the due time or before the building closes, your account and borrowing rights may be suspended
  • You may only borrow one laptop at a time
What is it?

This scheme gives free one-year GCU library membership with borrowing rights to student mentors (clinical supervisors) who are directly involved in assessed parts of our programmes. This does not include access to password protected electronic resources. NHS staff have access to The Knowledge Network (formerly NHS e-library) for databases and ejournals, and you can use GCU library for reference if you show your NHS staff card.

How do I join?

Ask your GCU programme leader to give you a pink membership card and to fill in their part of the Mentor form. Fill in the card, remembering to include your home address. Take it, and the top part of the white form to Library Desk (Saltire Centre, Level 0). You can pick up your library card one week later (possibly two weeks later during September and October). We regret we can’t post it to you.

How do I extend my membership?

Ask your contact on GCU academic staff to complete another Mentor form. They should mark it "continuing membership" and send it to you with another pink card. You should take the top part of the form, the pink card and your expired library card to Library Desk. You can collect your new card one week later. We can renew your membership only if you have no overdue loans or unpaid fines.

How many items can I borrow?

A total of seven. Within this total there is a maximum of:

  • Five long loans
  • Five 2 week loans

Please note there are fines and other penalties for overdue items.

What other services can I use?

For advice on a specific subject, contact your librarian. They may be available in the library on some evenings during trimester.

NHS placement
Membership of NHSGGC for GCU placement students

Students from a Scottish Higher or Further Education establishment on placement within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) are entitled to membership of NHSGGC Library Network. Membership entitles access to:

  • all site libraries to borrow books (eight at any one time)
  • study space
  • facility to apply for student NHSGGC Athens username and password. This enables access to ebooks and online resources provided by NHSGGC using the NHS Scotland Knowledge Network.

Download a membership form from the NHSGGC website or drop into your local NHSGGC site library. Identification in the form of a NHSGGC ID badge or a Student Matriculation card is required to process your membership. Full information on the NHSGGC placement support service is provided on their handout.

Monitoring of missing or overdue items will feed in to an annual review of this service. Non-return of items by GCU students may result in this service being withdrawn.

SCONUL access

SCONUL Access is a reciprocal access scheme which allows borrowing privileges to many types of library users working or studying at participating higher education libraries in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

SCONUL Access provides borrowing privileges for most:

  • academic staff on open or fixed term contracts
  • postgraduate research students registered for a PhD, MPhil or similar qualification
  • part-time, distance learning and placement students
  • full-time postgraduates

SCONUL Access also provides for a reference only service for most:

  • full-time undergraduate students
  • staff of a few higher education libraries not participating in the reciprocal borrowing arrangements

To find out which libraries you can use and how to apply for membership, go to the SCONUL access web page. Some member libraries offer reference access to full time undergraduates.

Please note that if you are a student or member of staff from a non-member university (which includes any university outside the UK and Ireland) then you will not be not able to use the scheme.