Disability services

Disability services

I’m a disabled student, where do I start?

You should start by making contacting the University Disability team at:

  • Phone: 0141 273 1371 (Please leave a message if calling outwith office hours) 
  • Email: disability@gcu.ac.uk
  • Postal Address: Student Wellbeing Services, Room M138, Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow, G4 0BA
I’d rather not declare my disability, why should I?

The GCU Disability Team can give you a wide variety of help which will go a long way to making student life easier. This can range from advice on technology and equipment loans to diagnostic assessment, or financial help and advice. Why not look at the range of services on offer.

How do I get advice and training on assistive technology?

Contact the University Disability Team and ask to talk to the Assistive Technology Advisor. You can then arrange an assessment where you can discuss software and equipment. If you need equipment, you can also arrange to borrow it after the session.

I have mobility or vision problems, can you help me get my books?

Yes, we can. To have books collected for you:

  • check Discover to make sure they are not out on loan. If they are, you can place holds so that they are kept for you when they are returned
  • for books on the shelves, please send your reading list to the Library Disability Team at libdis@gcu.ac.uk. We will contact you when the books are ready to be collected

If you can’t collect your books within two days please contact us to make another arrangement. You can get immediate help to get up to six books, 9.00 am – 3.45 pm, Monday to Friday - ask at The Library Desk.

I need a space to work which is equipped with assistive equipment and software, where can I find it?

We have an Assistive Technology Room on level 2 of the library. The University Disability Team can supply you with the access code for this space.

I have mobility or vision problems, how can I get access to the library?

There are power assisted doors at the main entrance of the Saltire Centre for wheelchair users and users with limited mobility. The main lift is in the tower and there are disabled toilets on all floors. Please contact the Disability Team 0141 273 1371. 

I need help getting accessible copies of my reading list items, can you help?

Yes, we can. Contact the University Disability Team and give them your reading list and talk about your needs. The Disability Team will contact us and we will get the items in the format that best suits you.

Library contacts

For more information please contact The Library Desk on 0141 273 1000 or email the Library Disability Team at libdis@gcu.ac.uk