Open access policies

GCU Open Access policy and funder policies

The University Senate approved a policy for Open Access to Research in 2014. This policy states that the institution shall adopt, by default, the ‘green’ or ‘self-archiving’ model of open of free open access in order to satisfy external research body requirements. It is now a University mandatory requirement for academic staff to deposit full text copies of the author final version (post refereeing and correction) of journal articles and conference proceedings in the Pure Research Information system and repository.

The University Senate has also approved a Research Data Management policy.

Funder policies:

UKRI: To comply with the UKRI open access policy on open access, funded peer-reviewed research papers need to made open access via the green route (uploading your paper to Pure) or the gold route. All UKRI funded research outputs must include a funder acknowledgement (including the grant number).