The Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences has an excellent track record in PhD supervision and output. Since 2008 over 70 students have successfully graduated from our Bio PhD programme. We are proud of the progression of our students who have moved on to forge successful careers in Academia, Teaching, the NHS, the Pharmaceutical Sector in Sales and Management positions and Public Sector engagement.

In the period 2018-2019 15/33 (45%) PhD students graduating from the School of Health and Life Sciences were from the Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

Students on Bio-related PhD programmes are supported through their studies by a range of funding schemes including:

  • Competitively awarded University Funded Studentships (Home, EU and International)
  • Competitively awarded Grant funded schemes (for example, Heart Research UK, British Skin Foundation)
  • Government Funded Scholarships (for example, Saudi Cultural Bureau, Kuwaiti Cultural Bureau)
  • Self-Funding Students

PhD students engage with an active programme across a breadth of areas across the Centre for Living that focus on Molecular mechanisms underpinning long term conditions including Cardiovascular disease and diabetes, identifying therapeutic targets and public health and infections. Students share ideas resources and meet weekly at focussed research group meetings with Director of Studies (DoS) and student led Journal clubs.

For information on PhD student research possibilities please contact Bio-Post graduate Tutor Dr Patricia Martin A range of projects are available with examples on (

Research Theme: Cardiovascular Disease

PhD Student Director of Studies

Richard Lightbody

Funded Heart Research UK

Prof Ann Graham


Maryam Liaqat Dr Yvonne Dempsie

Research Theme: Long Term Conditions: Diabetes and metabolism

PhD Student Director of Studies
Khan Md Zahidul Dr Steven Patterson 
Jamie Tarlton Prof Ann Graham
Narges Mehpour-Karmakan Dr Steven Patterson

Research Theme: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutics

PhD Student Director of Studies
Roxanna Munir Dr Gillian Hunter
Khaled Bastaki Prof Ann Graham 
Carmela Errico Dr Patricia Martin
Gabriel Tchivelekete Dr Xinhua Shu
Fahad Farhan Dr Xinhua Shu 
Mohamed Elsharkasi Dr Fiona Kerr
Katie Miari Dr Mark Williams

Research Theme: Public Health and Infections

PhD Student Director of Studies
Tarteel Shuaib Dr Janice Spencer
Thomas Walker  Dr Janice Spencer
Alicia Ware Dr Ryan Kean 
Susan Bennet Prof Linda Scobie