Graduate Apprenticeships

Make Glasgow Caledonian University your strategic partner in delivering Graduate Apprenticeships

As an employer, understanding how to make the best use of the Apprenticeship Levy can be confusing. But if you work with our team, we will assist you to take advantage of all the benefits: developing your team through relevant, industry-focused education with funding support from government.

If you are an employee looking to gain credit for the job you do now and skills for your future career, our Graduate Apprenticeships programmes will support you through that journey. If you want to find out more about the programmes we run, contact us on 0141 331 3094 or by email at

Once your employer has agreed your programme you can apply here.

Are you an employer interested in finding out more about our Graduate Apprentice programmes? Contact us directly to discuss each programme as directed below.

Apprentices bring vibrant energy, a new perspective and fresh approaches to business challenges. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and GCU to deliver the first Graduate Level Apprentices in Scotland.

Maggie Morrison
CGI Business Director in Scotland

Pioneers in part-time and work-based education for industry

Our partnership with Skills Development Scotland demonstrates the trust that the Scottish Government has in our experience and expertise. We are approved to run eight Graduate Apprenticeship programmes in Scotland – the most that any university is currently awarded.

Over the last 20 years we have been pioneers in co-creating work-based and part-time programmes with private and public-sector partners in the UK and internationally.

The difference that our team makes is in the co-creation of work-based assignments entirely based on your business needs using our extensive experience of delivering industry-led education.

We support your employees to learn from our structured programmes and to collaborate with peers at university and mentors in work. This approach enables your employees to optimise their learning by creating solutions to live industry challenges that can transform your organisation.

Make GCU your strategic partner of choice to ensure that you maximise all the benefits for your employees and for your organisation.

Our Graduate Apprenticeships currently in delivery are:

We’re proud to announce that we have a further four exciting Graduate Apprenticeship programmes launching in September 2018:

Our ongoing support for both employer and apprentice is developed as an integral part of each programme. 

If you are an employer who wants to find out more about our IT and engineering programmes, please contact Ronnie Beattie, Business Development Manager on 0141 331 8418. For information about our built environment and business programmes, please contact Usman Ahmad , Business Development Officer on 0141 331 3094.