Niamh cooking

‌Niamh volunteers as a cook with Steps to Hope, a charity working with homeless people and those suffering from addiction. With her Magnusson Award funding Niamh has boosted the profile of the charity’s work through social media and promotional videos, with a call to action’ to encourage more volunteers to get involved.

I’m delighted to receive this award to support me in volunteering to feed the homeless and those suffering from addiction. For the sixth year running, Scotland has seen a record number of drug-related deaths. Addiction is a complex and life-threatening disease that affects both physical and mental health. The past year has brought about unprecedented challenges for us all. However, the impacts of Covid-19 and the resulting restrictions have disproportionately affected people who are already vulnerable. This money has allowed me to raise awareness of these issues and the support services available.

Niamh Smith
2021 Magnusson Award winner