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University Buildings (letters in brackets are the building room number prefix)

1. Britannia Building (B)
2. William Harley Building (H)
3. Centre for Executive Education Building (CEE)
4. Arc Health and Fitness Facility
5. Students’ Association Offices
6. Govan Mbeki Building (A)
7. George Moore Building (M)
8. Hamish Wood Building (W)
9. Conservatory
10. Conference Hall
11. Refectory
12. Buchanan House (K)
13. The Saltire Centre
14. Nursery
15. Charles Oakley Laboratories (C)
16. Teaching Block (T)
17. Milton Street Building (MS)
18. Caledonian Court

Entrances and Exits

Access to the university

A. Vehicle entrance from Cowcaddens Road
B. Pedestrian entrances from Cowcaddens Road
C. North Hanover Street
D. Dobbies Loan
E. Milton Street

Find a room

The letter at the beginning tells you which building the room is in - see the list above. The first number tells you what floor of the building it is on and the last digits tell you the room number. So M525 would be: M = George Moore Building, 5 = fifth floor, 25 = room 25.


  • Room M525 is George Moore Building 5th Floor
  • Room A005 is Govan Mbeki Health Building Ground floor
  • Room M201 is George Moore Building 2nd Floor