Scholarships provide help towards the cost of your tuition fees in Scotland and bursaries provide you with financial support during your studies.

The University’s motto ‘for the common good’ means that we are committed to our social mission to promote the common good. In line with this mission, we offer a number of common good awards.

Funding support

The Scottish Funding Council SFC provides tuition fee support for nursing students from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Student Awards Agency for Scotland provides funding support for students entering one of the Allied Health Professions. As such, the following awards are not available to nursing, midwifery and Allied Health Profession students.

Bursaries and scholarships

Loyalty Scholarships Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

International students who progress to further study with Glasgow Caledonian University are eligible for up to £5,000 off their course tuition fees.

What you get

  • Undergraduate students receive £2,000 towards their first annual fees and £1,000 for each subsequent year of their degree. Up to £5,000 over 4 years.
  • Postgraduate students receive £2,000 towards the first year of their annual tuition fees and £1,000 for any subsequent year.

Who can apply

The fee discounts are applicable to self-funded international students only.

Undergraduate self-funded international students must have successfully completed;

  • a Foundation, Premasters or Pre-sessional course with INTO GCU
  • or a GCU Summer School
  • or an exchange programme at GCU

Postgraduate self-funded international students must have successfully completed;

  • an undergraduate degree from GCU (must have graduated)
  • or a Foundation, Pre-masters or Pre-sessional course with INTO GCU
  • or a GCU Summer School
  • or an exchange programme at GCU

How to apply

You will automatically receive the fee discount when you are offered a place on your chosen course, and at the time of invoicing for each subsequent year of your degree if you meet the criteria above.

GCU New Postgraduate Student Scholarship

New to GCU Scholarship (Postgraduate)

International students who study a full time course with Glasgow Caledonian University are eligible for up to £2,600 off their course tuition fees.

What you get

  • Undergraduate students receive £1,600 towards their first annual fees and £1,000 for each subsequent year of their degree. Up to £2,600 over 2 years.

Who can apply

The fee discounts are applicable to self-funded postgraduate international students only.

How to apply

You will automatically receive the fee discount when you are offered a place on your chosen course, and at the time of invoicing for each subsequent year of your degree if you meet the criteria above.

Postgraduate Ambassador Studentship

We have the absolute pleasure of launching our PG Ambassador Scholarship for 2017/2018.

Glasgow Caledonian University are looking for 8 deserving students who can demonstrate that they will be a great ambassador for the University and explain your interpretation of assisting with the University Motto ‘for the Common Good’

What you get

**Accommodation discount valued at £600 based on the 2015/16 tariff for an ensuite room for 39 weeks at the rate of £113 per week.

***Arc membership valued at £204 based on 12 months full membership at £17 per month.

**** Work placement within our student recruitment, admissions and enquiries service for a maximum of 20 weeks (two semesters) which can be taken up in any year of study.

Who can apply

Any International student who can demonstrate how they have contributed to the ‘Common Good’

  • Have you helped others less fortunate?
  • Have you set up a project designed to help your community?
  • Have you volunteered?
  • We will be asking you for your interpretation of the motto, and how best you can both continue to add value and complement our high levels of integrity and authenticity, so to make a positive difference during your time as a student, and then alumni of Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • Detail your financial need

How to apply

Apply here

The application process is simple, you complete this application telling us more about you and how you contribute to the 'Common Good' and detail your circumstances and aspirations.

 Closing date for applications 5pm 1 JUNE 2017

Postgraduate Common Good Scholarship for US Students

‌To start your application for a study place and the US Common Good Scholarship, simply go to the program of your choice and click on "Apply Now".

What you get

With a US Common Good Scholarship from Glasgow Caledonian University, you can study in Glasgow or London – two of the top 5 UK cities for international visitors (Office of National Statistics 2016). 

The US Common Good Scholarship is worth between $2500 and $4700 (approx). This guarantees US students will pay a maximum of £9000 tuition fees at our Glasgow or London campus, starting in either January or September 2017.

You will receive high-quality postgraduate education from leading academics in their fields, while enjoying affordable tuition fees and an affordable cost of living. We advise students to expect a cost of living of around $25,000 per year in Glasgow and $28,000 per year in London. This cost can be further offset, as you also have the option of working part-time.

Program duration is between 12 and 18 months, depending on the option chosen. Please check individual programs for details.

Both Glasgow and London campuses are centrally located with direct flights between New York and Glasgow or London in just over 6 hours.

Who can apply

Scholarships are awarded against tuition fees when a conditional or unconditional offer is made. Applicants must have applied to one of our prestigious Common Good focused graduate programmes for intake in January or September 2017 and be a US national.

Next steps

If this applies to you, the award will automatically be allocated when you are offered a place on your chosen course, ahead of the time of invoicing.

For personal guidance and advice regarding UK study opportunities and this scholarship, contact our New York campus (Wooster Street, Manhattan).

We look forward to welcoming you as a student at Glasgow Caledonian University to our class of 2017. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have.


Postgraduate Loans for Master Degrees for English Students

If you start a full-time or part-time master’s course after 1 August 2016 anywhere in the UK you can apply for a Postgraduate Loan. You’ll be able to borrow up to £10,000 to pay your fees and help with living costs.

You’ll be eligible if you:

  • are under 60
  • ordinarily live in England
  • don’t already have a master’s degree or higher qualification

It won’t depend on personal or family income.

You’ll be able apply from late June 2016. Find out more about the Postgraduate Loan.

Magnus Magnusson Scholarships Awards

GCU students can apply to the Magnusson Fund to support their dream project. Perhaps you would like to….

  • Create your own business?
  • Travel overseas to volunteer?
  • Set up a community project? 

What you get

Awards of up to £5,000

Who can Apply

Any student who is in their second year upwards, or to young researchers in the early stages of their academic careers. Applications from any discipline and from any part of the University or for almost any kind of proposal that will help individuals to reach their dreams are welcome. However, judges will be especially pleased to receive applications from areas relating to any of Magnus Magnusson's personal interests, including the media, history, language, literature and the natural environment. Applicants must demonstrate achievement in their chosen area, and have a clear plan to take their work forward

How to apply

Applicants should review past Magnusson Award projects before completing this form. Go to

Then Click here  to apply


Applications close on the 10th February 2017

**Please note applications for essential elements of a degree course (e.g. payment of fees, or a vacation placement) are not eligible.


BAFTA Scholarship Programme for the MA Television Fiction Writing couse

 BAFTA Scholarship Programme, which helps talented people in need of financial support to study a post-graduate course in film, television or games. GCU's  MA Television Fiction Writing is one of the eligible courses.

What you get

  • £10,000 to cover 1 years course fee
  • An industry mentor
  • free access to BAFTA events around the Uk for 1 year

Three successful scholarship recipients will receive the new Prince William Scholarships in Film, Television and Games, supported by BAFTA and Warner Bros., which also include a funded work placement within the Warner Bros. group of companies.

Who can apply 

talented people in need of financial support who are studing MA Television fiction writing  at GCU

How to apply 

For more information, and to submit an application for studies in academic year 17/18, go to: BAFTA Scholarships. Please direct any queries to


Santander 5k Fee Scholarship

‌A special Santander fee scholarship of £5,000 is available to study a Masters level programme at GCU commencing January 2017. You must have been offered a place to study at GCU before applying for this scholarship.

What you get 

£5,000 towards fees

Who can apply 

You MUST have been offered a place on a  GCU Masters level programme and  be from one of the following countries:

         - Argentina
         - Belgium, Brazil
         - Chile, China, Colombia
         - France
         - Germany, Ghana
         - Mexico
         - Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico
         - Qatar
         - Russia
         - Singapore, Spain
         - United Arab Emirates, UK, Uruguay and the USA

No other nationalities will be considered

How to apply 

Apply online for study in January 2017

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 30th November 2016

For further information please contact Andrea Butler on or call 0141 331 8770

** award is non transferable to any other programme if you change course to the one specified at time of application

MSc Big Data Technology January 17 start

Fee scholarships are available for full-time UK/EU students (£2,000) or International student (£2,000) towards tuition fees  the newly launched MSc Big Data Technologies a

These are the only programmes of their kind in the UK. MSc Big Data Technologies concentrates on the technologies behind the various big data systems and applications in use and integrates comprehensively with the cloud computing and the Internet of Things technologies. .

What you get

UK/EU student will receive £2,000

International student will receive £2,000

Who can apply

Any student who has applied for the full time MSc Big Data Technologies starting in January 2017

How to Apply 

Click here to apply

CLOSING DATE: 30 November 2016

If you have any questions please contact Andrea Butler on 0141 331 8770 or email

MBA Scholarships

Self-funded scholarships

25% scholarships are available for new self-funded students studying an MBA Luxury Brand Managment (GCULondon). Offers will be made based on information on your MBA programme application form. No additional application form is required.

Corporate sponsorship

Employers can demonstrate their commitment to employee career progression by sponsoring employees through a GCU MBA. Many organisations find MBA sponsorship a valuable way to attract, reward and retain talented employees who wish to take their careers to the next level.

With a strong practical and professional approach to business growth, GCU ensures that the MBA programme provides your employees with real-world work projects with tangible outputs and skills to embed within your organisation.

The following coporate scholarships are available;

25% scholarship to corporates sending 2 or more students*

15% scholarship to corporates sending 1 student*

* corporate scholarships will only be applied if the full programme fee for the MBA is paid up front.

Please note: an applicant can only apply for one level of support (scholarship or scheme) at any one time. Awards are not additive. If an applicant is eligible for 2 awards, only the larger award will be given. Also, no scholarships will be offered to students who are already sponsored except as part of our Corporate Sponsorship scheme.

Xero Entrepreneur Scholarship 2017

Sponsored by Xero, providers of online accounting software, the scholarship has been established in recognition of the contribution that start-ups and small businesses make to the UK economy. Open to UK students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, the scholarship is worth £2,000 towards a business related degree and is designed to help a student along the road to success on their entrepreneurial journey.

What you get 

One award of £2,000 scholarship amount will be given to the winning candidate.
The winning candidate will also receive the offer of mentoring sessions, a free subscription to Xero for 12 months and financial management skills coaching with Xero senior business leaders.

Who can apply 

  • Must be UK resident.
  •  Must be currently enrolled full time at a recognised UK university.
  • Open to undergraduates and postgraduates.

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship, the candidates must submit:
● Either an essay (500-­700 words) or a 2 minute video on how the scholarship could help them work toward or develop their entrepreneurial idea
● Proof of academic achievement (ABB grade or above in A Levels or equivalent alternative qualification).
● One letter of recommendation.

Submitting Details:
The candidates can submit their application to

More information can be found here  

Application Deadline 

To be considered for scholarship, the candidates must submit application on or before 30 June 2017

Carspring IMI Female Automotive Scholarship

The Carspring IMI Female Automotive scholarship is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate female students who aspire to work in the automotive industry. This can be in any part of the automotive industry from Engineering to Marketing. There is no particular subject requirement. 

The scholarship has been designed by Carspring in conjunction with the Institute of the Motor Industry to address the gender imbalance within the industry. In addition to a financial reward, the winners will also be given a minimum of 2 weeks’ work experience in Carspring's London or Berlin office. 

What you get 

The value of the scholarship is £1,000 for winning candidates.
Winners will also be given a minimum of 2 weeks’ work experience in Carspring's London or Berlin office. 

Who can apply 

  • Open to female students or apprentices with a clear, unbridled passion for cars;
  • A demonstrable interest in working in the automotive sector;
  • 5A* - C grades at GCSE
  • A confirmed place at a UK university or college
  • undergraduate or postgraduate female students

How to apply

You should apply with a CV, including two references. You are also required to include a covering letter of no more than one page of A4. This must demonstrate evidence of your greatest achievements to-date, your interest in pursuing a career in the automotive industry and summarise any existing sponsorships you may already have.

Submit a 500-1000 word briefing document, on the subject of ‘The Future of Automotive Retail’.

Submitting Details:
The candidates can submit their application to, with the subject line 'Scholarship Application: Your Name'.

Deadline for applications 

Round 1 – 31/12/2016

Round 2 - 31/08/2017