Maria Nicoletti

PGCert Education in Academic and Practice Settings 2020
NHS staff nurse


Why choose GCU

I choose GCU due to the excellent reviews and it's world wide ranking for being a fabulous educational establishment.

What was most important

To achieve my qualification as well as continue my post as a staff nurse with the NHS.

Biggest lesson learned

That you can achieve your goals with the right support & guidance no matter what!

Describe GCU

GCU is extremely active in the local community as well as worldwide. Striving to make a positive impact on society for the better.

Who inspires you

My parents inspire me with how much they have both achieved in life, they encourage me to be the best I can. Working as a nurse I have the privilege of meeting so many people from all walks of life. This is very humbling and inspires me everyday to make a positive impact on patients, relatives and colleagues lives.

What's next for you

To return to the Middle East and work as a clinical educator/instructor. To assist staff reach their potential and achieve their goals.

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