Kristina Vajdova

2020 BSC(Hons) 3D Animation & Visualisation
Junior FX Artist at Axis Studios

Kristina Vajdova_680 

Why did you choose GCU?

Out of the many universities I was considering, GCU had the most interesting variety of modules that would allow me to obtain a strong foundation in 3D art and visualisation and help me achieve my goals in becoming a 3D artist.

What was most important to you during your time at GCU?

It was important to me that I challenged myself and dedicated efficient time to my coursework and personal projects, to ensure I was getting the most out of my education. It is important to push yourself and try and find ways to build upon your coursework and not aim for minimum requirements as this will be what helps you the most to develop your skills and increase your employability.

Where do you work/what do you do now?

I am currently working as a Junior FX Artist at Axis Studios in Glasgow. I started in June 2020 and since then have been working on a great variety of projects from music videos to game trailers and at present working on a feature film.

What would you say about the course and how it helps you to do your job now?

The course started off broad and allowed me to get a taste for the different aspects of 3D art and visualisation. The course provided me with the freedom to choose which direction I wish to take and direct my focus on projects relating to my interests. GCU also gave me the opportunity to make connections with industry professionals through on-campus talks or client-based projects, which ultimately led to my employment at Axis Studios.

What's your biggest lesson learned? Do you have any advice for our current students?

The earlier you narrow down what type of artist you want to be after graduating, will provide you with the opportunity to concentrate on the skills required for future job opportunities within that position. Understand the role you want to be applying for in the future and look at current applications and what’s expected from an entry level candidate.

Our mission is to be the University for the Common Good, how would you describe GCU?

GCU is diverse and modern university that welcomes many students from all walks of life. The University does its best to ensure its students are undertaking their studies in a safe and friendly environment where everyone is treated equally.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired every day by my colleagues at Axis. Seeing how hard they have worked to get to where they are today and how they continue to grow and learn, encourages me to be a better FX artist each day and to one day be as skilled and helpful as they are.

What's next for you and have your ambitions changed since leaving University?

My ambition is to continue to grow and increase my skill set as a FX artist. Every day is a learning opportunity and challenge that brings me closer to my goal of being a reliable and competent team member that can create amazing FX for movies and games at Axis.

Missed anything?

I have missed meeting up with friends on campus and drinking coffee between classes. But I mostly miss the conversations with my lecturers and the freedom/flexibility to work on coursework and personal projects.