Postgraduate Courses

Students from around the world come to GCU to gain postgraduate, masters and PhD status. Postgraduate students form close communities and build valuable friendships here. That support is essential for postgraduate success and carries our graduates into relevant, lasting careers.

Leading industry accrediting bodies and industry advisory boards inform the postgraduate curriculum at GCU and ensure our masters degrees remain globally in demand.

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Graduate employment rate

Graduate employability and career progression is key to the success of GCU postgraduate and PhD students. We invest in teaching and learning facilities including the virtual hospital, Vision Centre and broadcasting suite. Industry advisors work with staff and students to keep courses relevant, degrees valuable and graduate recruitment numbers high. We have a wide range of PhD, masters and postgraduate courses on offer in areas including business, accounting, computing, IT, health, science and engineering.

We offer January start dates, application support and funding options to ensure we continue to attract the very best postgraduate students to Scotland.