Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit

The Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit (SPIRU) is a multi-disciplinary research group involving staff from across GCU working in partnership with the Poverty Alliance and other external stakeholders. SPIRU builds upon the legacy of GCU’s Scottish Poverty Information Unit (SPIU), founded by Emeritus Professor Gill Scott in 1995. SPIU quickly attained a reputation as an authority on the analysis of poverty and social policy in Scotland. Prominent among these contributions was publication of successive editions of the signature text Poverty in Scotland, which SPIRU co-Director, Professor John McKendrick, continues to edit in collaboration with the Child Poverty Action Group (Scotland) and other partners.

SPIRU develops and extends upon the work of SPIU by undertaking research and independent, evidence-based commentary on poverty, inequality and social policy in Scotland. SPIRU is committed to an inclusive and participatory approach to applied research and undertaking analysis which makes a difference to the lives of marginalised and excluded groups and communities. Our aim is to contribute to the common good by working with those who seek to eradicate poverty in Scotland. Wherever possible SPIRU works with those with direct experience of poverty and the consequences of inequality. These principles are enshrined in our partnership with the Poverty Alliance.

To learn more about work of and working with SPIRU, please contact Prof. Stephen Sinclair or Prof. John McKendrick.