Research at Glasgow Caledonian University

Research is at the heart of GCU’s mission as the University for the Common Good.

Our applied research addresses three major societal challenges, enabling communities in the UK and internationally to build inclusive societies and live healthy lives in sustainable environments.

As the top modern university in Scotland for Research Power, our strengths within and across GCU’s Academic Schools and Research Centres, allow us to be global in our ambitions. We are focusing on the potential of our research to address several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Overall, the University is ranked in the top 20 in the UK for allied health research and built environment impact at world-leading and internationally excellent standards.

Our collaborative and multidisciplinary research generates benefits to society via impacts on economic, environmental, cultural, health and social policy to enhance quality of life; and informs and underpins the content of all curricula, enhancing the staff and student experience at GCU.

Healthy Lives

GCU’s research to support healthy lives spans public health and long-term conditions.

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Inclusive Societies

To help our communities build inclusive societies, our work includes social innovation and equalities and justice research.

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Sustainable Environments

To best meet the societal challenge of providing sustainable environments, our research focuses on urban environments and efficient systems.

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