GCU Values and Behaviours

The values of integrity, creativity, responsibility and confidence were selected by the staff and students of the University as those we felt represented GCU at its best as the University for the Common Good.

A Value on its own is just a word. We want our Values to be lived, to drive and define us. To achieve this we have captured the definition of each of our Values within a set of benchmark behaviours. These aspirational statements clarify the things we would like to be recognised for and help us in evaluating and improving our current practices.

There are two types of GCU benchmark statement:

  • those that describe the behaviours we aspire to as an organisation; and
  • those that describe how we as individual members of GCU aspire to live our values depending on our role within the university.


The levels are illustrated in the diagram below:

Values at GCU


P‌oints of Pride Exhibition

The Points of Pride Exhibition is an annual opportunity to share and celebrate the great things that staff do.  The stories showcase the many ways in which we live our values and deliver on our mission for Common Good.

Points of Pride Exhibition Poster Set 1
Points of Pride Exhibition Poster Set 2