Our Vision:   Ageing well group pic

Empowering people to age well.

Our Aim:     

To develop the evidence base to support people to age well across the lifecourse.

Ageing well is conceptualised as functional ability, which is the interaction between individual capacity (physical, mental, psychological, social) and environment (physical, social, policy).

We focus on the realities of ageing, recognising that it is not an illness. Our work seeks to reduce limitations in the broadest sense, irrespective of health, conditions and co-morbidities.

We emphasise maximising potential, quality of life, participation and well-being, not just longevity.

Our PILLARS focus on:

1. Research using behavioural and lifestyle interventions to develop skills and assets across the lifecourse.
2. Research to understand and reduce the impact of ‘geriatric giants’.
3. Developing approaches to measuring factors which impact on quality of life and participation.

We combine multiple disciplinary perspectives and multi-method expertise to answer research questions of importance in supporting individuals and communities to age well.

Current research programmes and projects are detailed on the key projects page.  

The Ageing Well Research Group is led jointly by Professor Joanne Booth and Professor Suzanne Hagen:


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Professor Suzanne Hagen