Glasgow Caledonian University’s commitment to the Common Good is realised in applied research which addresses three major societal challenges, enabling communities in the UK and internationally to build Inclusive Societies and live Healthy Lives in Sustainable Environments.

To best meet these societal challenges through the Institute for Society and Social Justice Research, GCU’s work spans Social Innovation and Equalities and Justice.

We seek to develop new critical knowledge about and for business and the wider society informed by our values of entrepreneurship, global citizenship, social justice and responsible management.

Alex de Ruyter
Head, Dept of Law, Economics, Accountancy & Risk

PhD opportunities

GCU is home to a dynamic research community, with students on campuses in Glasgow and London and graduates across the globe.

Research Impact

The Institute's work has impact for a range of policy makers, public and private sector partners.

Society and Social Justice

The Institute for Society and Social Justice Research has expertise in social innovation and equalities and justice research.