Business in the Community

‌Glasgow School for Business and Society is a member of Business in the Community (BITC), a Prince of Wales charity that promotes responsible business. Our membership is one of several initiatives that reinforce the University’s mission to work "For the Common Weal" and the University’s and the School’s commitment to the Principles for Responsible Management Education. 

Participating in BITC enhances the School’s ability to contribute to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Glasgow, in London and in the many communities in which we work. 

As one of only 30 university members, we aim to contribute through:

  • developing a new generation of business and community leaders capable of managing the complex economic, social and environmental challenges faced by business and society in the 21st century
  • leading relevant research and sharing findings with policy-makers, business leaders and community leaders
  • increasing engagement of staff and students with the wider community

Connecting with Responsible Leaders

As members of BITC, we reinforce our connections in international networks that are committed to building a sustainable future for people and the planet. 

BITC members come from private and public sectors, with a UK membership of over 850 companies and a further 10,700 companies engaged in its campaigns globally. Working with BITC, members transform communities by tackling key social and environmental issues where organisations can make a real difference.

The expertise, resources and capacity of BITC and its members will help us in our efforts to become recognised as a socially responsible School that serves both business and society.

Current projects

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