Academic Writing and Personal Development Workshops

Learning Development Centre (SCEBE)

2021-2022 Trimester A

Academic Writing Workshops

Reviewing Common Challenges: Referencing and Grammar
The SCEBE LDC offers a series of online workshops that break down some of the challenges in writing. If you feel you’d like to go over the basics of referencing or some common grammar issues, just drop into the online session(s) that would be most useful to you. Workshops will take place on Wednesday afternoons, 1pm until 2pm.
Workshops will be accessed via the LDC Worshops in Collaborate Ultra area, in GCULearn.
All SCEBE students are welcome to attend any or all workshops. Some of the workshops also cover challenges faced by international students.
Week 3, Wednesday 13th October, 1pm-2pm: Citing, referencing, and using cite them right. 
This workshop focuses on referencing and using citations effectively. It introduces different techniques for referring to sources in your work and we will look Cite them right  - the guide to referencing and avoiding plagiarism.  
Week 4, Wednesday 20th October, 1pm-2pm: Reading strategies.
This workshop focuses on strategies and tips for effective reading and note taking to help you get the most out of your reading at GCU.
Week 5, Wednesday 27th October, 1pm-2pm: Formal / informal.
This workshop focuses on the difference between formal academic English and informal English with tips on how to use academic English effectively. Suitable for international students.
Week 6, Wednesday 3rd November, 1pm-2pm: Punctuation for EAP.
This workshop focuses on punctuation, the roles of the punctuation marks, and how to use them effectively. Suitable for international students.
Week 7, Wednesday 10th November, 1pm-2pm: Articles.
This workshop is suitable for international students and focuses on articles. The rules for using direct and indirect articles "a", "an", "the" .....can be confusing and these guidelines will help.
Week 8: Wednesday 17th November, 1pm-2pm: Sentence structure 1
Are your sentences clunky, fragmented or unclear?  This class explains the mechanics of sentence structure and explains how you can avoid a typical sentence structure problem:  incomplete sentences.
Week 9, Wednesday 24th November, 1pm-3pm: Sentence structure 2
Building on the first sentence structure class, this session helps you avoid run-on sentences, reviews common punctuation problems, and explains how you can avoid ambiguity caused by misplaced modifiers. 

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