Construction Project Risk and Value Management

Construction Design & Management (CDM) Regulations, safety leadership & worker engagement, fire risk assessment and engineering, supply chain management, procurement of built assets, Building Information Management (BIM), dispute resolution in construction.

Research Leader: Professor Billy Hare

Additional themes include infrastructure asset risk and value management including:

  • The history and future of infrastructure investment at global, national and sector levels, and the key determinants of total and sector investment levels
  • The impact of government policy, funding and private capital markets on investment in infrastructure.
  • The role of regulation in incentivising public private investment
  • The cost of capital for infrastructure investment and the allocation of risk in contracted delivery
  • The commercial perspective of infrastructure project sponsors, lenders, investors and contractors throughout the procurement, design, construction and operation of infrastructure assets
  • asset management and Investment appraisal
  • Risk appraisal at investment, contracting and asset management phases of infrastructure procurement
  • Techniques for achieving Value for Money(VfM) at investment, contracting and asset management

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Recent PhD/MPhil projects

Project Title

  • Delays in Construction Industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • A framework for an economic delivery and performance measurement of public-private financed road infrastructure projects in the north-central Nigeria
  • The GCC Rail:  A complete analysis of the risks, the benefits and the economic and engineering sustainability of a multi-country mega project
  • The investment influence on the degree of completion and concentration in the construction industry
  • Partnering agreements as drivers of value for money in Scottish housing associations
  • A comparative analysis of Health and Safety Management of UK small and medium size Construction companies
  • Electricity Generation and Distribution in Nigeria: Examining the PPP solution
  • Critical Review of the Nigerian Housing Policies Delivery
  • Diversification as a strategy for construction contracting companies to achieve stability, growth and competitive advantage
  • Development of a flexible and adaptable operational property asset management framework for local authorities
  • The impact of financial management systems on construction small and medium size contractor solvency in Scotland
Featured Publications
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Book Publications

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