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Benefit from funding opportunities, training and mentorship from UHatch to support your business start-up 

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Have an Idea?

UHatch is Glasgow Caledonian University's incubator space, designed to assist entrepreneurial students, graduates and staff members. We are here to help you bring your concept from an idea to reality. 

How we can support you

Benefit from funding opportunities, training and mentorship from UHatch to support your business start-up 

UHatch has many offerings including but not limited to:

  • Office space - hot-desking and co-working space
  • Funding opportunities of up to £50,000
  • A year-round schedule of exciting workshops, mentoring sessions and training opportunities
  • The growing UHatch network
  • Banking, insurance and legal expertise through a program of workshops
  • An experienced UHatch mentor network
Contact us

For more information on how UHatch can help you bring your ideas to life, get in touch with us today:

T: +44 (0)141 331 3000
E: UHatch@gcu.ac.uk


Glasgow Caledonian University
Cowcaddens Road
G4 0BA
Scotland, UK

Online Resources


SIKE is a European Project aiming to demonstrate the potential of leading socially innovative Universities and experienced social innovation drivers to work together to create an ecosystem that nurtures and supports sustainable, resilient and responsible social innovation. 


The smart nework that grows your community.

Increasingly, especially in these times of remote working, people want to find new ways to participate and have more prominence within their community and to feel part of it. Our network offers you an environment to stimulate participation, collaboration and communication, strengthening ties between people and organizations. 

Social Shifters Programme

Social Shifters - Supporting students with a passion for change

Want to make change in the world? Have a great idea that solves a social or environmental problem, but don’t know where to start? Want to create change, but don’t have an outlet?

Whatever change you want to make, it doesn’t happen without help.

That help starts here.

GCU is partnering with Social Shifters - empowering you to explore, start, and grow your ideas. Get FREE access to specialist digital learning resources, webinars, and for those ready to take the next steps, we provide one-to-one on campus start-up advice, read ahead for how to access this.

We’re here to support and grow change activity in universities across the UK, because all change starts with one thing — an idea.

Whether you want to solve local or global problems, Social Shifters enables you to explore, start, and grow ideas that can change the world.

Our time for change is now. Be part of the social shift.

Get free access to Social Shifters.


Steps to Startup - Elearning for student changemakers

Got a burning idea that will change our world but don’t know how to get it off the ground? We can help.

Steps to Startup is an e-learning launchpad programme for social and environmental entrepreneurs - and it’s available to you now for free. If you’ve spotted an opportunity for change and are ready to take your idea to the next level, you’ll quickly learn how to do just that in Steps to Startup.

Maybe you want to know how to better define your social or environmental problem; discover how to build support for your cause; where to find your customers; or maybe you are interested in learning more about socially / environmentally focused business models?

The Steps to Startup E-learning program is made up of 8 easy to follow, video-based courses with everything you need to know about social purpose business startup:

●      Course 1: Defining the Problem

●      Course 2: Planning Your Social Impact

●      Course 3: Building Support For Your Cause

●      Course 4: Testing Your Ideas on a Small Scale

●      Course 5: Finding Your Customers

●      Course 6: Designing Your Business Model

●      Course 7: Securing the Funding

●      Course 8: Getting Ready for Take-Off 


Whether you want to solve local or global problems - Steps to Startup will take you quickly from idea to entrepreneur!

Register now for Steps to Startup Elearning – email Rose Cawood to get started!


One-to-One support to help you take the next step

Does a better future for people and the planet lie in your mind? If you have an idea that’s fully formed and ready for launch, we can help with one-to-one support.

Our one-to-one sessions are facilitated by a specialist consultant/advisor, from Scotland’s agency for start-up social enterprises; Firstport, and are designed to help you get your concept out into the world.

To get started, we firstly need to understand where you are in your startup journey. We do this via 15 min informal chat with you, in which we’ll ask you questions like:

●      Is your idea focused on tackling social problems or the environment?

●      Have you done any market research?

●      Do you know your customer group and who your beneficiaries are?

●      Are you developing the idea on your own or with someone else?

●      Do you know what legal structure is best for your business?       

●      Have you registered your company and started trading?

●      What resources do you need to get the idea off the ground?

With this information we’ll understand how we can help you best, and then put a plan in place to support you throughout your start-up journey.

We don't expect you to have all the answers, but if you are not currently able to answer most of them, we recommend that you do a bit more research before contacting us.

Access free community learning at Social Shifters, find out more about free access our Steps to Start Up e-learning programme (email Rose Cawood), contact UHatch, and then come back when you are ready!

Ready to get going now? Great, complete our short form and an advisor will be in touch with you soon!


The UHatch campus workspace is currently closed

Uhatch services are still being offered virtually. If you have any questions please reach out via the e-mail in our "contact us" section.

Following advice issued by the University, the UHatch physical workspace in the William Harley Building is now closed with immediate effect for the foreseeable future.