Meet the team

The Strategy Planning and Business Intelligence Team is responsible for a wide range of activities, focusing on the provision of information, market insight, advice and guidance in relation to student data and higher education policy development. Our homepage provides an outline of these key activities.

Within this section of the site, you can meet the team. Strategy, Planning and BI benefits from having a broad range of experience, knowledge and skills. We are all more than happy to meet with you, either on an individual or group basis, to explore how we can support you and your team.

Name Job Title    Contact Number
Claire Hulsen Director 0141 331 8200
Kirsty Roden Deputy Director 0141 331 8715
Mary Daly Strategic Planning Manager 0141 331 8258
Susan Whittaker Policy Manager 0141 273 1518
Marie McLachlan Head of Data Analytics 0141 331 3435
Judith Crocket Survey Officer 0141 331 8565
Vicky Johnston Planning Officer 0141 273 1780
Francesca Massa Planning Officer 0141 273 1539
Angela Mckain Planning Officer 0141 273 1652
Cheryl Mundie Planning Officer 0141 331 8499
Sybil Murray Information Officer 0141 331 8511
Jacqueline Ramsay Planning Officer (Widening Participation and Performance) 0141 331 3256
Wes Smith Planning Officer (HESA) 0141 331 3292
Russell Walker Market Insight Manager 0141 331 8663