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By 2020, Glasgow Caledonian University will have a global reputation for delivering social benefit and impact through education, research and social innovation. We will be recognised as the University for the Common Good that transforms lives, enriches cities and communities, innovates for social and economic impact, engages globally and aligns with others in partnership and collaboration to deliver our goals.

In order to achieve this, the staff we recruit must be of the highest calibre. To this end we go to great lengths to ensure that Glasgow Caledonian University is an attractive, diverse and rewarding place to work where its people are treated with respect and dignity.

Glasgow Caledonian University are committed signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant.  In line with our commitment to support Reservists we offer an additional 10 days paid leave to Reservist and CFAV (Cadet Force and Adult Volunteer) employees, to allow them to undertake mandatory training, plus up to 10 days unpaid leave if required.