Noise at Work

Hearing loss is usually a gradual process due to prolonged exposure to noise however hearing damage can also be caused immediately by sudden, extremely loud explosive noises, for example, from guns or cartridge-operated machines.

The aim of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations is to ensure that worker’s hearing is protected from excessive noise in the workplace, which could cause hearing loss and/or tinnitus (permanent ringing in the ears).


Noise at Work Procedure

The University Noise at Work Procedure‌‌ outlines the requirements of the Regulations and the procedure in place to ensure that the risks associated with noise at work are appropriately assessed and managed to prevent damage to the hearing of staff and any others that may be affected by University activities.


Noise Exposure Calculator

To work out the daily and weekly noise exposure and estimate the performance of hearing protection, the Health and Safety Executive website provide noise exposure and hearing protection calculators in the form of an excel spreadsheet. To use these you will need to know the levels of noise and duration of exposure.

Resource Links

A copy of Controlling Noise at Work: Guidance on the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 can be downloaded via the following link

The HSE provide information on the reduction of noise through purchasing and this can be found on the ‘Buy Quiet’ page via the following link

Information on controlling noise relating to specific processes such as engineering, woodworking and construction can be found on the HSE website via the following link