Display Screen Equipment

Covid-19 update - Information and guidance on setting up your workstation at home and who to contact if you need advice, is available on the Safe Return to Campus –Working from Home page

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) are devices or equipment that have an alphanumeric or graphic display screen and includes display screens, laptops, touch screens and other similar devices. The Regulations that cover Display Screen Equipment (DSE) includes the display screen, keyboard, workstation, chair and general environment, for example, lighting.

The University Display Screen Equipment Procedure‌ outlines the requirements of the Regulations and the procedures in place to ensure that the risks associated in the use of Display Screen equipment are appropriately assessed and managed.

The University provides access to online training and self-assessment for staff using Display Screen Equipment through Cardinus - Workstation Safety Plus.

To log in to the course and assessment, enter your normal User ID and your surname.

If you cannot log into Cardinus, your details may need to be added or updated.  Please email your local DSE Assessor or List of School and Departmental Health and Safety Co-ordinators/Champions in the first instance.

If the DSE Assessor or local health and safety co-ordinator/champion are unable to add the name of a member of staff to Cardinus, please email healthandsafety@gcu.ac.uk  

If you experience problems whilst using Cardinus, for example, the page sticks, then please try the following ‘fixes’:

Cardinus Compatibility View

Internet Explorer Compatibility View

If problems are still occurring then please email healthandsafety@gcu.ac.uk  

Further information on Cardinus can be found in the ‘online training and self-assessment’ section below. 

Online Training and Self-Assessment

Cardinus - Workstation Safety Plus is an online package that includes the following:

  • A short training session (around 30 minutes) that will take you through the requirements of the DSE Regulations including how to sit at your workstation correctly, make adjustments to your chair, prevent screen glare and the importance of short but frequent pauses or changes of activity.
  • A DSE Assessment that will ask a series of questions relating to your workstation. 
  • A User Action Report – contains the results of the DSE Assessments

The online training provides staff with possible solutions for any problems identified. Staff should implement the solutions that are within their capability to do so and where identified issues cannot be resolved, contact their local DSE Assessor for further assistance.

Please click on the following link for access to a list of DSE Assessors (in development)


Eyes and Eyesight

The University (Glasgow Campus) has an arrangement with the Eye Clinic on campus to provide staff with an eye/eyesight test and where a problem applicable only to display screen work is diagnosed (ie. diagnosed vision defects at the viewing distance or distances used specifically for the display screen work concerned), then the University will pay for the cost of basic frames with the appropriate lens correction, including special lenses where applicable.

The individual will be offered the range of basic frames which he/she can choose from with the appropriate lens correction and the cost will be met by the relevant School/Department.

Recall/reminders will be sent to each Department listing individuals due a further appointment at a particular time (3 year re-test cycle).

Contact details for the Eye Clinic can be found via the following link https://www.gcu.ac.uk/eyeclinic/

If the member of staff wishes to choose more expensive appliances (eg. designer frames) then they must meet the additional cost themselves.  

Staff choosing to opt out of these arrangements due to utilising their own optometrist or due to coronavirus restrictions, would need to negotiate with their manager in advance regarding payment or time off and where a problem applicable only to display screen work is diagnosed, this should be recorded on the prescription and provided to the employing department.     


Resource Links

A copy of the guidance to the Regulations can be downloaded for free from the HSE website via the following link http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/l26.htm

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