The Centre offers a unique MSc in Climate Justice

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The Glasgow Caledonian University Centre for Climate Justice takes a global lead in the delivery of high quality policy relevant research for development, teaching/learning and broadening knowledge in the area of climate justice.  

Our vision is to co-create knowledge with influential partners to deliver pragmatic and long-lasting solutions that improve societal wellbeing, enhance people’s rights and promote a climate-just world. The Centre works closely with international development organisations, governments and civil society stakeholders in Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.


Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice Routledge Handbook

The Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice addresses some of the most salient topics in current climate justice research. Find out more

MSc in Climate Justice Scholarships 300x300

GCU has responded to the requirements of the modern climate justice professional with the launch of a unique MSc Climate Justice programme. Find out more

The World Forum on Climate Justice World_Forum

This World Forum will change the narrative on advocacy, research, policy and practice as we adapt to reach the 1.5°C goal. Find out more

I congratulate GCU on taking the lead in creating this repository for reliable information on the complex issues arising from climate change and the need for an ethical approach to its impact on the developing world. I look forward to continued partnership with the university in furthering global understanding of this massively important challenge.

Dr Mary Robinson